I’m joy


Transformational Healer, Activation Alchemist and Lemurian Priestess 

Helping you unleash your sacred power and purpose to end self doubt forever and ascend into sacred realms of rapid personal, financial and spiritual abundance

Ways to work with me

The Goddess Initiation

Unleash your sacred power and purpose to end self-doubt forever and rapidly ascend into sacred realms of personal, financial and spiritual abundance.

Lemurian Mystics

A 12-week immersion in awakening the magic within you that your soul has been calling out to you to find all along… what it is like to activate and discover your hidden suppressed Lemurian energies and magic within yourself

The Awakened Empath

shift out of the ‘curse’ of carrying everyone else’s emotions, overcome the burden of your sensitivity, and own the gifts, strengths, and little known superpowers of being an Empath


Not every coach and healer has:

* A no bullshit detector helping you get to the core root of the issue allowing you to heal, transcend and transform for good.

* Is a Lemurian High Priestess and mystical healer who has a potent divine channel with Spirit, and uses her remembered past life potent magical healing energy and abilities to co-create with you profound healing and transformation. Helping you manifest the life you’ve been dreaming of

* Felt the inexplicable feeling of homesickness for as long as she can remember. Feeling as if she didn’t belong on this earth, in her body, in her family or anywhere. Having felt this way and never admitted it to anyone, thinking there must be something wrong with her to feel this way.

* Been on the healing journey, and has healed herself of childhood shame and trauma and understands the journey as she has been there at the lowest points screaming and crying at the Universe begging for help, just wanting to end it all….

* See’s you beneath all the protective walls you’ve placed up and provides you with the support, love, healing, and guidance you need to have the healing breakthroughs and transform you from a lost wandering caterpillar into a beautiful majestic butterfly spreading her wings and going after her passions in life

How does Energy Healing Work? Especially at a distance?

Energy Healing is like your cellphone service. Joy is the cellphone provider/company, you are the cellphone and the ‘energy healing’ Joy acts as a conduit for is the cell phone tower.

Joy connects with the energy of your ‘cellphone’ and channels the healing and information from your Spirit team which may include but not limited to include: why this is occurring, and homework to be performed by you to further the healing.

Distance healing works like this, Joy (with Spirit) connects with your energetic body acting as the cellphone provider, and sending the healing energy to you. You can also think of it like a Wi-Fi signal and how that works.

What can Energy Healing help me with?

stress, chronic and acute illnesses/conditions are like the ‘bugs’ your cellphone gets from a update or downloading an app that doesn’t work well with the version of phone you have. Energy healing is fixing these bugs.

What is a "root/core" cause?

Can heal the ‘root’ underlying cause of discomfort/illness.

A root cause can be something that you have brought with you from a past life.  Think of it as if you bought a cellphone that is already having issues from the moment you bought it brand new. Only certain things may trigger it, or when you try to do certain things or use certain apps it does not perform correctly. You try and fix it yourself, by deleting the app lets say and that still does not work.  Then you take it to a tech/cell phone expert and they find the ‘root’ cause of the issue you are having is in the base software of the phone. Joy acts as the tech expert
What does this have to do with Lemuria?

Joy has learned that the fall of Lemuria (or Atlantis but for ease of use we will refer to Lemuria) has encoded our DNA and cellular memory with trauma and can be rooted back to why you are now struggling with your third-dimensional life right now.  She knows that in order to reclaim our past magickal selves and ascend we need to become a clear channel by healing and clearing what keeps you stuck in this lifetime.

About Joy

Joy empowers women to rewrite their limiting stories, alchemizing their trauma into their power and sovereignty with her natural intuitive insights and gifts, angelic channelling, and potent magickal healing. Her work is extremely potent and life-changing.

She work in the realms of the mystic in the ancient lands and rememberings of her past lives in Lemuria (and Atlantis, Ancient Egypt), incorporating healing activations, ancient lemurian flower essences, and sound healing. She also uses her potent shamanic energy healing, and connection with Spirit in her healing work. 

Client Love

“After Joy completed my Healing Session I IMMEDIATELY felt “lighter” and more energetic the following morning. I live in New Jersey so the healing was done distantly as I slept. Everything Joy said resonated with me and some of the details she provided where EXACT, SPOT ON!! The chakras she worked on were EXACTLY where I was having digestive issues and extreme lower back pain. I feel less back pain since my healing and have not needed my back brace all day long and not needed pain meds as much. I feel very grateful to have found Joy online to help with my healing as well as connecting and trusting in my spirit team and angels. Thanks immensely Joy!!” Jennifer

New Jersey USA [Transcendence Healing Session]

Amanda Linette Meder

Blogger [On Sacred Activations Ready for Download]

These activations are amazing! I did one last night, and it was incredibly healing and powerful.  I felt an actual physical release as Joy & my Angels worked on me.   We hold our “stuff” in our bodies so this was AMAZING! Thank you!” Jayaleigh


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