Let’s Co Create Magick Together!

Are you a busy spiritual entrepreneur?

Seeking to find what else is out there, to discover what else you are capable of….

Feeling suppressed in what you are currently offering and perhaps even your own abilities…

You’ve taken all the courses, learned more modalities than you can F’ing count and still feel like there is something missing… like there so much more you are capable of… desiring to advance gifts and abilities

Only you haven’t found it yet…..

Well look no further than:

Inner Earth Magick Hyperjump to 5D

For the impact-driven spiritual entrepreneur seeking advanced spiritual connection and development and looking for soul mission advancement apply here

Client Love and experiences


Joy Rachelle, I’m so grateful to have found you and your work. You helped me so much with removing personal, spiritual, and financial blocks that were keeping me from achieving my full potential in life and in business. There have been so many powerful experiences that have come from working with you that I can’t list them all. But one of the most unforgettable moments was during the healing session where I could physically feel shifts in the area of my body and spirit that was most in need of healing even though we were working remotely (on Zoom). Not to mention the fact that you identified that area as one that was in need of healing without me saying anything to you about it. This was the turnaround I needed! THANK YOU, Joy!”


The work Joy does is amazing! She channels the divine in all her healing, and teachings. She is a Angel messenger sent from the Heavens for sure! Whenever she works on me I can feel the powerful, potent energy as she works on healing and clearing my energies. She is passionate about what she does. When working with her you enter her energy VORTEX, she makes you feel held and heard. She goes into the deep depths of truths within you (all the stuff you are hiding from, and avoiding) and tells you straight that everything the Angels do and say isn’t always ‘nice’ to hear. It’s the truth of what you have been hiding from, avoiding and leaning away from. However I have learned in my work with Joy that that is where the greatest transformation comes from! So thank you Joy for everything you are! and everything you do!


Let's Work Together!

To apply for a complimentary Soul Technology Chat with Joy to see if you are a vibrational match to co-create magick together click on the button, select a date and time that works for you, and fill out the application form and we’ll be in touch 🙂

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