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For Starseed intuitives, psychics, healers, and empaths ready to create megalithic change, become unique, rare and cataclysmic experts to work with and show up as a global leader in their field 

Become your own Inner Autonomous Authority and hyper jump your  life and business to the next level no longer bound by the advice and external validation of others.

For successful and innovative individuals seeking global luminary status, soul mission advancement and/or seeking to fill the empty void in life with deeper metaphysical spiritual connection

Revolutionary innovative frequency encoded  technology to improve your overall health and wellness.

Individual , corporate packages and commerical use contracts  available.

Custom Bespoke 1:1 Healing options available

Joy connected me to an inner Earth being who was the companion to another being I had been connected to about 2 weeks prior. Working together with them I was able to make a huge connection for how the mind, body & soul connects to my work with Superconscious Leaders, Dragons & living a FEARLESSLY AUTHENTIC life.

Without the extra guidance from Joy I am sure it would have taken me so much longer to create that clarity. Being a Metaphysician & Enterprenuer means that I can use all the extra help from any realm I can get! If your curious on how to open the channels to your spiritual Entourage, Joy is definitely the guide to connect you there!!
Superconscious Coach Leader
Last fall when I was just starting to awaken and was doubtful about my abilities and what was coming through, Joy lovingly held space for me to gain confidence in the extrasensory information I was getting.

She also accelerated my awakening and answering of my soul’s purpose with her Inner Earth Enchantment that shook me to the core. For several minutes I was uncontrollably vibrating from head to toe as I was listening. The sound was out of this world, unlike anything I had ever heard.

After discovering that I was meant to be a healer, we did a Stargate Portal Session together where she reminded me of my connection to a group of Arcturians and how they were there to compliment the work that the dragons on my spiritual entourage were already doing. Also we added a dragon to my throat chakra to speak about my soul purpose with greater ease.

In her 5 Day Inner Earth and Galactic Consciousness Initiation event, I also added several members to my spiritual entourage including a Lemurian priestess from Inner Earth who infuses Inner Earth magick into my healings and a being from another universe who is meant to help me with my technology for my trillion dollar empire and also assist with aspects of my healings that fall in the UV spectrum.

Fast forward to today and I’m consistently able to help people become 90-100% pain free in week or less. People have also reported additional health benefits, including boundless energy, deep uninterrupted sleep, the disappearance of side effects from life-long medication, the ability to enjoy food again (including candy!), and lasting, unprecedented levels of peace and gratitude. I’ve also helped someone’s dad in get out of the hospital in three days after he had been in there for a while and the doctors said he would not be discharged for a long time!

Every interaction I’ve had with Joy so far has been fantastic and I’ve enjoyed every single one.

If you’re been following her for some time, that means your heart has been pulling you towards her. I highly recommend following that call and working with her in whatever capacity you can!

About Joy

JOY RACHELLE is a leading pioneer in the field of channeling and cosmic gateway facilitator. 

Leading Transformational Healer, Teacher, Activator, Lemurian Priestess and channel for the Inner Earth people and Intergalactic Star beings.

She is here to break old paradigms holding spiritual entrepreneurs in fear unable to create the global impact they desire.

Through her channeled work with the Inner Earth people and Intergalactic Star Beings to awaken others to the same connection for consciousness expansion and planetary healing.  

She uses her vocal technologies to awaken spiritual entrepreneurs to their own signature  genius that is for them to deliver to the planet for the highest good of the Universe.  This enables them to be unique, rare and cataclysmic experts to work with.

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