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Are you ready to receive your own answers on demand?

You know you should be turning inwards for your own answers… but you have no clue where to begin.

Does this sound familiar?

You know you need to be doing your inner work and connecting with your Higher Self, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted on how or where to even start.

There are 3 mistakes I see when people try to learn how to Channel (or automatic write).

1) Unclear and not sure who they are channeling (automatic writing) which can lead to low self confidence in the information they are getting… you know… your questioning if it’s just you who is writing

2) Becoming lost in channeling (you sit down to channel and suddenly 2 hours have gone by WTF?)

3) Giving up on channeling because it’s too hard…

Can you imagine how it would feel to receive your
own answers on demand?

How would your life and business be different if you could:

* Receive information and answers yourself

* Build a deeper connection to your Higher Self

* Feel confident in what you channel

The 21 Day Channeling Experience

Channel your own answers with confidence

Here’s how The 21 Day Channeling Experience is different from other courses:

The 21 Day Channeling Experience is the first of its kind that not only teaches you how to channel but also how to receive answers on demand.

You’ll learn how to :

Channel answers from your Higher Self and/or Star Family Representative

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to:

Channel like a superstar with confidence

Channel your own answers

Stop relying on external sources for answers

This 21 Day Channeling Experience will teach you how to:

Use channeling as a tool to receive unfiltered, unbiased information from your Higher Self. So that you can become your own inner autonomous authority.

Here’s what’s inside The 21 Day Channeling Experience

Here’s what you’re going to get:

21 micro step by step, daily videos

These micro videos make the content easy to digest, so you will show up daily, watch the video and do the daily channeling homework

Videos will be 5 to 20 minutes in lenght

3 LIVE Q and A’s

These live questions and answers enable you to ask your channeling course related questions.

Group Support

Learning is always fun in a group setting. Share your wins, and your struggles with a group of people who may be experiencing the same challenge you are

Group support inside the private group (hosted on a private platform)

When you add that all up,
it comes out to a value of over $1500, but you can enroll today for a special investment of $97 USD.

Enroll in The 21 Day Channeling Experience for only $97 USD

(We start May 25th)

Are you ready to receive answers on-demand?

I can’t wait to meet you inside The 21 Day Channeling Experience! Hey, I’m Joy Rachelle and just 1 year ago, I had the issue you are having right now, relying too much on external sources for information on questions I wanted the answers for.

The 21 Day Channeling Experience is PERFECT for you if…

You know you have the answers within you … but you just aren’t…

Sure how to get them out
Lack confidence in what you are receiving so you realize you have been relying too much on others to validate your intuitive hits

 Receiving bits and pieces of information from your team and you just aren’t sure how they fit together (like all the time)

If you are desiring to …

Receive answers yourself instead of second guessing your intuition and seeking out external answers or validation

Connect in and channel to receive answers on demand whenever and wherever you are (without feeling lost that oh no you forgot your favorite tarot/oracle deck at home, or Awe F I can’t get in to see my psychic..)


Don’t let another year go by before you start turning inward for your answers

 Here’s why you need to get inside

The 21 Day Channeling Experience today…

So you can STOP second guessing yourself and relying on the external filtered sources for information or advice

This may be the only time Joy runs its LIVE with the LIVE Q and A

If you’ve made it this far…then maybe it’s the divine trying to give you a nudge in this direction. It’s up to you to take it

Enroll in The 21 Day Channeling Experience today!

More Details:
What are the dates of the Experience:

May 25th – June 14 th, 2020

Brief Outline of the 21 Days**subject to change**
Days 1-7

All about channeling, and how to get into the habit and programming your brain to prioritize channeling

Focus the first 7 days is to create the habit of Channeling

Days 8-15
How to come up with and word Intentions to channel

Set channeling intention for the week to focus on

Days 16-21
How to channel consistently and start to use channeling in your business (or life)
Channeling intention prompts

For the Spiritual Entrepreneur or Enthusiast who desire more connection within themselves, to their spirit team and business.

Only $97 USD


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you've opened up Pandora's box here.
Thanks for giving me permission and a kick up the backside into the this Star being work.
It feels so weird going back to my 'normal' offer now... haha. You were spot on with all of it. And I cleared the belief part before I hopped on the live.
**received a channeled letter from higherself and galactic starfamily rep.
Spiritual Biz Coach
Joy connected me to an inner Earth being who was the companion to another being I had been connected to about 2 weeks prior.

Working together with them I was able to make a huge connection for how the mind, body & soul connects to my work with Superconscious Leaders, Dragons & living a FEARLESSLY AUTHENTIC life.

Without the extra guidance from Joy I am sure it would have taken me so much longer to create that clarity.

Being a Metaphysician & Enterprenuer means that I can use all the extra help from any realm I can get!

If your curious on how to open the channels to your spiritual Entourage, Joy is definitely the guide to connect you there!!
Caryn Terres
Superconscious Leadership Mentor!

Last fall when I was just starting to awaken and was doubtful about my abilities and what was coming through, Joy lovingly held space for me to gain confidence in the extrasensory information I was getting.

She also accelerated my awakening and answering of my soul’s purpose with her Inner Earth Enchantment that shook me to the core. For several minutes I was uncontrollably vibrating from head to toe as I was listening. The sound was out of this world, unlike anything I had ever heard.

After discovering that I was meant to be a healer, we did a Stargate Portal Session together where she reminded me of my connection to a group of Arcturians and how they were there to compliment the work that the dragons on my spiritual entourage were already doing. Also we added a dragon to my throat chakra to speak about my soul purpose with greater ease.

In her 5 Day Inner Earth and Galactic Consciousness Initiation event, I also added several members to my spiritual entourage including a Lemurian priestess from Inner Earth who infuses Inner Earth magick into my healings and a being from another universe who is meant to help me with my technology for my trillion dollar empire and also assist with aspects of my healings that fall in the UV spectrum. Fast forward to today and I’m consistently able to help people become 90-100% pain free in week or less.

Every interaction I’ve had with Joy so far has been fantastic and I’ve enjoyed every single one.

If you’re been following her for some time, that means your heart has been pulling you towards her. I highly recommend following that call and working with her in whatever capacity you can!

Jessica Kam
Energy Sorcesses and Healer

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