Ascension and Awakening Symptoms Physical Body Shifts, Honoring the physical body and 5 grounding tips

I just did a Instagram LIVE and the topic is on the physical body and the shifts that are happening right now, and honoring the physical body.

Included are 5 ways to help with links to [email protected] and [email protected]


  • Message regarding the physical body and the current shifts happening.
  • Honoring the Physical body – if it is craving chips etc. maybe that’s what it needs to anchor and adjust to the new frequencies that are coming in
  • we are leveling up in a  sense of becoming “lighter” and less dense however the physical body is third dimensional and dense so it’s trying to balance out- think of it like a yin/yang example: right now you may be too much yang and adjusting to bring in more yin
  • can cause a lot of “energy” swirls – light headed, unable to focus- feel like need to ground but normal grounding techniques may not be working
  • 5 Steps
    • 1- roots from head/crown to Mother Earth
    • 2- wearing a hat/toque helps to contain this energy from blasting out in all directions [learned from @jayaleighconnects IG/FB videos she does this before meditating etc]
    • 3- My Quick Fix meditation gifted to me by my guides through a session with Amanada Linette Meder @thespiritwoman
    • 4- running hands under water and letting air dry [if have time can also have a bath with Epson salts/Himalayan salts, shower]
    • 5- Coconut Water

Love, Light and Magick,

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