Energy Healing Session Lead by Spirit


A Energy Healing Session is a shamanic type healing session. The session is intuitive and  guided by your Spirit team and I simply hold the intention you have for the healing, and goes on the healing journey for you.  The healing that takes place is for your highest and greatest good, as it is directed by your Higher Self/Spirit Guides.  

How it Works

Since each session is channeled directly for your individual needs, each is unique.  I will release any blocks, patterns, or energies that no longer serve you for your highest and greatest good.

Distance Energy Healing Sessions can be very powerful and can transform your healing so you can experience transcendence.


What Is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is like your cellphone service. Joy is the cellphone provider/company, you are the cellphone and the ‘energy healing’ Joy acts as a conduit for is the cell phone tower.

 Joy connects with the energy of your ‘cellphone’ and channels the healing and information from your Spirit team which may include but not limited to include: why this is occurring, and homework to be performed by you to further the healing.

Issues which may require energy healing

stress, chronic and acute illnesses/conditions are like the ‘bugs’ your cellphone gets from a update or downloading an app that doesn’t work well with the version of phone you have. Energy healing is fixing these bugs.

Can heal the ‘root’ underlying cause of discomfort/illness.

A root cause can be something that you have brought with you from a past life.  Think of it as if you bought a cellphone that is already having issues from the moment you bought it brand new. Only certain things may trigger it, or when you try to do certain things or use certain apps it does not perform correctly. You try and fix it yourself, by deleting the app lets say and that still does not work.  Then you take it to a tech/cell phone expert and they find the ‘root’ cause of the issue you are having is in the base software of the phone. Joy acts as the tech expert 🙂

Service Features

Feature #1

The healing is performed remotely at my home.

Distance Energy Healing Sessions can be very powerful and can transform your healing so you can experience healing.  

It is not more or less powerful then if you were in the room with me!

Feature #2

You have the option of being present during the healing via. ZOOM or I can perform the healing at the scheduled time and send you the summary and or recording of the session

No need for you to take time off work to schedule the appointment if you don’t want to.

Feature #3

After the session,  I will email via PDF copy and/or MP3 Recording you any feedback received during the journey.

Usually, the feedback includes messages, insight or recommendations channeled from your guides.

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