Everyone is on there own Journey Archangel Gabriel

This message came through when a fellow member in a Spiritual group was voicing her frustration that she was still learning, and how she liked to hear about everyone else’s spiritual adventures etc and hoped to get there one day.

Everyone is on there own journey
Not everyone’s will look or sound a like
You are here to reach the people you are meant to reach
This is your first step to helping others and being spiritual and part of your life path is being open to learning about the spirit world etc. That is a HUGE step I think you’d all agree

You weren’t Born into these gifts automatically knowing what they are or what there for it is a journey of learning self discovery and trust- trust in yourself & trust in us

Some of you will be huge public figures out there in the world touching hundreds of thousands or millions of people and some of you will stay in your communities and help and touch and heal people no matter if it’s 1 person or a 100

Do not compare yourselves to each other
You all have a purpose some big and some small
However just because your mission may be small it does not mean it is less of importance or vice versa
Be open to spirit and ask spirit for help.

Archangel Gabriel

{through Joy Rachelle joyrachelle.com}