Group Healing Sessions


Group Healing Sessions are a low-cost way for you to experience healing on an energetic, physical and emotional level. Whether this is your first experience with energy healing, or your 100th.

Group Healing can

  • decrease feelings of anxiety
  • decrease feelings of depression
  • decrease aches and pains
  • decrease stress and worry
  • decrease “mental fog”
  • decrease fatigue
  • increase overall health
  • increase moods
  • increase ability to feel ‘relaxed’ and
  • increase calm
  • increase abundance
  • the possibilities are endless!

The best part besides the low and affordable cost, is you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home, or schedule time off work, you can go about your day as usual.

During the session Joy calls in everyone who registered for the healing Spirit Guides, and tunes into the energy of the group, and performs a healing on the group as a whole.

How Group Healing Sessions work

  • we are all part of a collective consciousness, so we all face similar challenges, issues, all experiences in different ways.  If you are all guided by Spirit to join a specific healing group session, along with everyone else who signs up to receive optional healing
  • will be offered on specific date
  • instructions will e-mailed to you – it is important that you read them prior to the healing session
  • During the healing session, Joy will perform the healing which is tailored to the group {as per everyone’s Spirit Guides}
  • Joy will deliver any messages related to the healing received from Spirit {will be e-mailed in PDF format or audio recording after the session is complete}
  • your name will be kept confidential

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