How to Smudge

I was first introduced to smudging when I was working as a receptionist at a Healing/Crisis center on a Native Reserve in the fall of 2013.  This is also where I came to know I was a healer [read about my journey here].  

Smudging is an ancient tradition [not just used by Native American’s] used to clear lower, negative, sick energy.

How to Smudge yourself

This is how I was taught to smudge:

  • Typically used for smudging is white sage, light the sage on fire, then blow it out. You will use the smoke to smudge [warning: be careful of any embers that may escape, you a fire proof dish, and be careful not to burn yourself]
  • If you have any glasses, take them off, then bring the smudge smoke up to you face like you are washing it
  • Go over your head and cover the top of your head [crown chakra]
  • Move the smudge smoke with your hands
  • Move the smoke up and over your ears
  • Move down your body, covering your whole body [throat, chest, stomach]
  • Some areas you may feel need more *clearing* so move the  smudge smoke over those areas more
  • Don’t forget your legs, and MOST importantly the BOTTOMs of your feet [we pick up other people’s energies from the ground]
  • And I always smudge the back of me too, by moving the smoke as best I can around the backside of my body

While smudging, do it with intention.  The intention of clearing the negative, lower, stagnant energy that no longer serves you, that have been placed on you by yourself, or by others.  I always asked Archangel Michael to that energy and transmute it into loving, peaceful, higher energy.  In the case of working on the reserve- the Elder would say the prayer to the ancestors, and mother earth.

How to Smudge your house [or any building].

  • Start out with an intention prayer as stated above.  Calling on Archangel Michael to please clear any negative, lower, stagnant energy.
  • I have read a lot of articles on the specific ways to smudge a house.., like going in a specific direction. I personally do not think this is important.  What is important is your intention.
  • Don’t forget the inside of closets, behind doors, and in the corners of the rooms. This is where a lot of energy gets *stuck* and these areas are often forgotten.
  • Open a window  before you begin smudging- this will allow the negative energy to escape

In cases where there is a lot of CLUTTER there will most likely be lower entities hanging around. This was the case for me at my old farm house.  At the time I did not know that we lived across the road from a cemetery.  At this house there were a lot of trickster entities, they were attracted to my house due to all the clutter.  I had boxes everywhere still. You see we bought this old farm house, and we were renovating the attic to make into a livable space. So while doing so, I still had moving boxes piled throughout the house. Well the entities were attracted to them.

I was made aware of this by the Medicine Women Elder Nellie who we hosted at my workplace to do healing work for clients in the community. At the time I had no idea how to smudge – or that I COULD smudge. I mean I had seen it done, but I wasn’t aware of HOW it was done exactly.  Nellie suggested that I not only needed the inside of the house done, but also the outside.

So if you find you smudge your place, and still have activity, you may want to try smudging the outside of the building.  [please note this is one way to get rid of negative, lower energy/entities, some cases are more complex and may need a space/entity clearing done on the property/or land itself]

Happy Smudging

Love, Light, and Magic

Joy Rachelle

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