Illuminate Your Soul

Shift from wounded healer to rocking your message so you can serve the right people deeper, and shift from burnt out starving wounded healer to abundant prophetess rocking her message and calling. Turn your story into your healing message and medicine. 

I can help you to find the light in your story and use it as your healing medicine

Feel confident and empowered in using your story as your healing message and medicine. 

This is a One on One journey working together with myself and Spirit for a total of 16 weeks (4 months)

Four topics, one covered each month:

  • Embracing your Sensitive Side & Understanding being an Empath
  • Overcoming Shame & Turning it into your Message
  • Healing Layers of Grief
  • Finding your Voice/Releasing the Fear

During the course of this the program I will share with you my personal journey and transformation from healing from the above topics. How I stepped into using my story, my experiences, my ‘wounded healer’ and transforming them into messages of healing, and using them as my healing medicine to share with you. After journeying through this course with me I hope you can do the same.

The layers of this course are all something that I have experienced and gone through. I don’t want these parts of yourself to stop you from being the healer you were meant to be, to stop you from reaching/teaching/healing the people who are waiting to find you and that you know you are meant to be doing in your very core.

This course can touch sensitive topics that may bring up deep unhealed parts of yourself, that you were aware of or maybe you weren’t aware of. Allow yourself to move through them, to feel them, to honor them, for they are what makes you YOU, what makes you UNIQUE, and one of a kind. Trust me we all have people we are meant to work with, and use our stories as our medicine, no matter how similar they are.

During the course Spirit has asked me to share my deep dark pains, the places I didn’t want to go back to, the places I didn’t want to think about, the parts of me I kept hidden; even from myself and rightfully so because if I wasn’t willing to share these parts of myself with you, then the healing potency of this course would not exist.

This program can help you embrace your empathic sensitive side, overcome and heal from shame turning it into your healing message and medicine, heal layers of grief, and help you find your voice and release the fears that hold you back from sharing the messages and healing you know you are MEANT to share!

During and after this course, you can

  • Discover what your story(ies) are that you can share as your healing medicine
  • Feel confident in sharing your story and message
  • Use your story and message as your niche in your business
  • Embrace how your story shaped you and who you are today
  • Empower you to share your message and story

This course is channelled by Spirit through me.  In the creation of this course, we use the collective energy of everyone who will take the course in the creation of the course. Below is an outline of what you can receive.

This is a 16 week (4 months) journey together to allow you, the time to integrate the healing transmissions, lessons, and healings. Audio transmissions and lessons are added every few weeks to the online members portal for access.

Outline of the 16 weeks (4 months) journey you can receive:

  • 8 x audio transmissions from Spirit
  • 8 x potent lessons to implement and integrate the healing
  • 1 x 60 min one on one potent healing and coaching session per month (total of 4)
  • Bonus 1: 26 Sacred Activations audio healing activations
  • Bonus 2: 1 x 60 min one on one integration business coaching session at the end of our 16 weeks together 
  • Option to upgrade to additional one on one support via. the Voxer app up to 30 mins support/ week. 16 x 30 min/week.
  • Done via the comfort of your own home through my membership site at
  • Healing and Coaching sessions are done via. ZOOM from the comfort of your home, all you need is a computer, internet connection or a mobile phone
This Journey is  meant for you if:

  • You are ready for deep healing related to embracing your sensitivity, overcoming shame, healing layers of grief and finding your voice and releasing fears (past traumas) related to it
  • You find yourself wanting to share your message, but something keeps holding you back
  • You are not sure how to use your message as your medicine
  • You want to feel confident in sharing your story as your healing medicine
  • You are sick and tired of being a starving healer
  • You are ready to step into a new paradigm with yourself, your business and the clients you serve
  • You are ready to move your business and yourself to new levels
  • You are ready to release and heal what holds you back
  • You are ready to heal and let go of and embrace your past and all the lessons it has taught you
  • You are ready and willing to look at the dark, traumatic parts of yourself and your life to see how you can use this as your message, and as your healing medicine
  • You are ready to step into being the healer, coach, psychic you know you were MEANT to BE
This journey might NOT be for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix, and not willing to do the work involved (listen to the audio transmissions, participate in the healing/coaching calls, show up and work through and move through whatever comes up)
  • You are not open to shamanic energy healing, and guided messages from Spirit
  • You don’t have the time to do the course, and meet for the 1:1 healing/coaching calls
  • You are not willing to look at, acknowledge, or understand clearing past beliefs and patterns that hold you back in this lifetime, is worth your time, energy or financial investment
Hi, I am Joy Rachelle
I created Illuminate Your Soul to include the areas in life and in my business that I struggled with for so long. I created this healing container to help serve searching souls just like you because I know there are many out there just like I was struggling and I don’t want that for YOU!

I am a spiritual teacher and healer. I am a conduit for Spirit relaying the information to you, a vessel for performing the healing, I am the channel for the healing, message and guidance. Spirit works with us, as co-creators of our lives if we only allow them too. Spirit desires to spread Love and Peace throughout the world, and it starts with YOU finding that Love and Peace within yourself.

This course is channeled by Spirit through me.

I have studied many different modalities over the years I am certified in the following: Reiki Master/Teacher, Sacred Activations Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Access Body Processes Practitioner, Fairyologist and Archangel Life Purpose Coach. In addition, I have taken training on shamanic healing, group + distance healing, akashic records, past life regression, soul retrieval, spiritual attachment release, color therapy, sound healing, astrology, energetic hygiene and law of attraction. As well for my personal and professional development, you will find me with many books on the go, ranging from eating and nutrition, angels, finding your soul purpose, shamanism, the afterlife and life between worlds, healing, Reiki, access consciousness, and animal messengers etc.


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