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Are you a spiritual entrepreneur

Seeking to find what else is out there, to discover what else you are capable of….

Feeling suppressed in what you are currently offering and perhaps even your own abilities…

You’ve taken all the courses, learned more modalities than you can F’ing count and still feel like there is something missing… like there so much more you are capable of… desiring to advance gifts and abilities

Only you haven’t found it yet…..

Well look no further than

Working One on One in 8 weeks or 6 month option to

  • “Unfuck” your DNA
  • Merge and be reconnected with ALL versions of yourself connected to Lemuria by opening your subconscious mind and teaching it how to filter in Lemurian teachings and knowings in this incarnation
  • Accelerate and advance your potent Divine gifts and abilities, by efficiently using your “junk DNA” to your advantage Receive “data drops” from Inner Earth through the creation of new neuropathways for receiving messages
  • Attain your very own Inner Earth Mentor (yep, that’s right, if you were not born with one, I can secure you with your very own)
  • Connect with and receive transmissions from both Inner Earth and the Cosmo’s
  • Bridge the gap between your multidimensional selves, as you eradicate the ascension flu it enables you to hyperjump to new dimensions faster and easier
  • Receive a golden ticket access pass to Inner Earths vast authentic libraries and records and advance your soul mission at hyperspeed

Through the use of Inner Earth Enchantments a vocal technology I access through my intertwined connection to my parallel soul connected self in Inner Earth (original Lemurians)

The Inner Earth connection propels you into realms of unknown and uncharted territory of infinite wisdom, healing and activation


Week 1

  • Inner Earth Enchantment One: Lemurian consciousness re-emergence (opening subconscious mind to filter Lemurian teachings and knowings into present incarnation)

    Channeled coaching from the Inner Earth Healers and Elders on merging you back with all versions of you connected to Lemuria

Week 2

  • Inner Earth Enchantment Two: Allows you to use “junk DNA” too much more efficiently use your Divine gifts to live a deeply interconnected supreme reality.

    Channeled coaching and guidance from the Inner Earth Healers and Elders on how to use your unique code of “junk DNA” for the advancement of your Divine abilities

Week 3

  • Inner Earth Enchantment Three: Neurological Initiation to set in motion instantaneous and frequent “data drops” from Inner Earth.

    Channeled coaching and guidance from the Inner Earth people on how to recognize and become aware of incoming “data drops” from Inner Earth

Week 4

  • Inner Earth Enchantment Four: The Quantum entanglement between you and your very own Inner Earth Mentor.

    Channeled coaching and guidance from your personally assigned Inner Earth Mentor

Week  5

  • Inner Earth Enchantment Five: Engages the supreme solid connection with the omnipotent infinite spirit for Intergalactic transmissions to occur

    Channeled coaching and guidance from assigned Star being mentor and Inner Earth mentor on how they work together in guiding you and the collective consciousness of the planet

Week 6

  • Inner Earth Enchantment Six: Letting go of attached perceptions so that you can see the biggest version of your future self and more effortlessly show up as her now through brain hemisphere integration.

    Channeled coaching, guidance and visualizations of the biggest version of your future self to ground her and her actions into this reality with ease through the advanced connection between the brain hemispheres

Week 7

  • Inner Earth Enchantment Seven: Ascension flu eradication the cellular remembrance that you are a multidimensional energetic being who can uplevel and quantum leap to new dimensions with zero resistance.

    Channeled coaching and guidance on how to move between dimensions, healing and releasing of old belief systems, and how to advance and move through timelines.

Week 8

  • Inner Earth Enchantment Eight: Inner Earth exploration golden ticket holder activation to visit the enormous Inner Earth and it’s vast authentic historical library and records for hyperspeed soul mission advancement

    Channeled coaching and guidance on how to visit the Inner Earth and its libraries and records.

    Advanced soul mission revealed, with guidance on how to access required information you would like to pull from the library and records. Full Integration of you, your Inner Earth mentor, Star being mentor, and multidimensional selves.

Ready to co-create Magick together with the Inner Earth people?

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