What is it like to be out as a Psychic Medium?

Being “out” as a psychic medium for the the first time is scary.  Openly saying to someone you are a psychic medium is scary.  Discovering you are a psychic medium is scary. Telling your husband you “think” you are a psychic medium is scary, and then actually telling him (once you have figured out … you know what “type” you are and you have more information on what a psychic medium is etc) is also scary.  Let alone family and friends.  If any of you are reading this “Surprise” I’m a psychic medium….{i forwent the announcement on social media or phone calls to tell everyone. sorry. I decided I didn’t need anyone’s approval or judgments to affect my energy.  I am still me … Joy … }  It’s nerve racking all of it.

However I had to face my fears – from when I discovered I was a psychic medium…. and my fears of putting myself out there.  I did this by using a lot of clearing statements from Access Consciousness. 

Coming out as a psychic medium is however also….courageous… and empowering once you get over the initial “scary/fear based emotions” and I hope my coming out will also inspire others to come out too.

The messages that I am able to share through one-on-one sessions and through writing (Messages from Spirit) are healing, inspiring, and empowering.  I know whenever someone on Instagram likes my posts, or starts to follow me, or comments and sends me a message… even if its just an “awesome message” it feels really good. It makes being “out” not so scary.  It makes it uplifting and lets me know that I am fulfilling my life purpose, and that I can’t do that if I’m hiding because I am scared of what friends, family, and strangers will think! If you don’t like what I do, then don’t read my blog, or buy my services.

Also many people have different perspectives on what the term being a psychic medium is.  Some may be skeptic towards the person who has openly said yes they are indeed a psychic medium.  I know growing up, my dad and many other people would say “well if they are psychic why aren’t they millionaires? or rich themselves.  So why should we believe they are when they don’t have the lifestyle you would perceive someone with psychic abilities would have. ” I was always kinda of skeptic… and kinda of curious at the same time.

The first psychic type reading I had was was a palm reading from a Native American Medicine Women named Nellie. (She was the one who told me I would see spirits etc. She taught me how to visualize protecting myself from other peoples energies, and for myself to be aware of when I was taking on someone else’s emotions. {example… at work I would be all happy and in a good mood, then a co-worker would come and start complaining, etc. with negative energy and all of a sudden I would be mad too}) She read my palm, she let me know I was a HEALER and told me my medical issues were not mine but others {read my story here}. She had insight into things she shouldn’t of known.  And I became a believer!

I am here to tell you… that being a psychic medium isn’t an automatic look into the future.  It isn’t a “I know everything about you, and I know the future”. Not everyone who is a psychic medium can predict the future.  I believe each one of us is unique in our own way, and are here to bring messages of love, and hope to the world.

I get what I call “downloads or transmissions” from spirit guides, angels and archangels.  Sometimes I have no idea when they are coming through to me.  I will be making supper and all of a sudden I will get the feeling that I need to go write a message down.  Spirit does not care if I am busy cooking, it has a message it would like me to share, and so I share it.{read that message here}

I am not your traditional medium (someone who connects with deceased loved ones) I primarily communicate and receive messages from spirit guides, angels and archangels at this time. (Sept 2016) and as explained on my Angelic Healing Readings here

Now when I have clients who book a session is when I need to pay attention.  You see the minute I check my messages and see that a reading is booked is when I start to receive messages from Spirit.  At this point I start to write down everything that comes to me (that I know isn’t mine), this also helps during the initial meet and greet (if doing a phone or Skype session) to validate to the person who has booked the reading know that I am legit.   Trust me, the stuff that I pick up on isn’t something I could google about you.

Now don’t get me wrong…. I am still a bit cautious about openly telling strangers I meet what I do.  Mainly I don’t want there ‘bad or negative’ energy to affect me.  I still just tell people I am a Energy Healer.  Many people don’t know what that means, so that also indicates to me as well that I may not want to open up about being a psychic medium who channels messages from the divine either.  I am being as authentic as I can be given different situations.

My advice- trust your intuition/your inner guidance and take it day by day and person by person. Eventually I will truly become comfortable with just ‘putting myself out there’ and being all of me…my full authentic self everywhere I go, but until then….. it’s like learning to ride a bike…. first you need your training wheels… you build confidence with the wheels… and then off you go! you are confident, you remove your training wheels, and you are ready to ride that bike! (in this case- tell everyone what you do)

Being out as a psychic medium to me…..is that the positives out weight the negatives.  I stopped living my life in ‘what if’s’ and have started to really live and embrace life.  I hope to only attract individuals to read this blog, and possibly become clients to be of love and light- that generally would like help and messages from the Divine.

In Love and Light,

Joy Rachelle

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