Living Your True Authentic Self and Not dimming your Light

This from some journal writing I was doing on the weekend. I know there are others out there who feel the same way. So I am sharing this message.

Parts of you
There are the parts of you who you think you are
Who you want to be
Parts of you mimicking other people copying other people because you don’t know who you are, what you want and you want to fit in so yes you like this or that because your friends do

Then you peel away these layers….. like layers of make up and costumes
You find out who you are
What you think
What you like
Finally listening to YOU and discovering who YOU are
The person YOU desire to be and not the person everyone else desires/thinks you are.
You become your own unique version
You decide who you are
What you like
What you don’t like
What your passionate about not what or how *they* told you to be or how to think or act or be

You find you
You listen to your thoughts
Your dreams and desires
Your emotions your feelings

And you come home to
The person your soul self has been trying to coax and whisper out of you

When you finally shut out the outer noise of others and of your ego self and start to listen within you to find yourself,you find your soul and she leads you into becoming the person you desire to be

On your own free will
Yes – stumbling still as you listen to her and the outer world still …. fighting this inner battle between your ego self and soul self

until one day you are YOU in every aspect of your life
Living and being your TRUE self, the authentic soul self who has been trying to emerge your whole life is out 24/7
And you are HOME in your own skin

You are no longer using the what is shown to me as your dimmer switch….. where you move it up and down depending on who you are with.

I’ve been doing this my whole LIFE
And as I’ve grown spiritually I find I hide this aspect of myself the most.

From fear of judgements, the questions, the shunning from past lifetimes and beliefs that are changing in this world but there are still people who are unwilling to accept a psychic a healer….

I turn up the dimmer and light up around certain friends, my business, my clients, my tribe

Then I turn it down way way down around family
Not just the spiritual me which has emerged in the last 3 to 4 years but me..

Its turned down to different levels around certain people
Its tippy toed around certain people

Why cant I be ME be around these people
They are suppose to LOVE me
Only they do NOT know me fully they only the know the “acceptable way to act around them” version of me

Yes I swear and as I was explaining to my mother law the other day (who does not like swearing even the not so bad ones like damn or crap) is that it is in the Context in which it is used it should be taken by

I love the word FUCK it has such a powerful energy to it
Just because you use that word doesn’t mean it is bad. I’m NOT directly telling you to fuck off or that your a MF. No.

Im not calling you a so and so that BUT when I use it it’s mostly in excitement.

The energy of it.

Im MF excited ! FUCK YEAH! so let’s stop moving the dimmer switch up and down and BE you and shine bright — light up your life by being you.

Love, Light and Magick,

Joy Rachelle

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