A bit About Joy Rachelle

Hi, I’m Joy

I’m living my life as a regular girl living in a small town in Northern Canada. I am here to assist you, if you’ll let me on your own spiritual journey.

I have a different approach in learning about your gifts and opening them up. I am still on my own spiritual learning journey- I do not think it ever truly ends.  It is thru learning that I am able to assist you on your journey as well. To assist and relate to you when you think no one will understand what you are going through.

I am a Energy Healer. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Access Bars Practitioner and Access Body Process Facilitator, Fairyologist, Sacred Activations Level One Practitioner and Angelic Psychic Medium/ Channel.  I have always been drawn towards healing others- I was a Licensed Practical Nurse and a Lab Assistant.  I really started to embrace the modalities I have learned and the tools I have learned that are helping me on my journey.  I am growing every day and I can’t wait to see how my blogs and services change as I learn more.  Thank you for following and taking this journey with me.

I have learned many different modalities over the years and have a different perspective and approach to learning about spirituality and your gifts. As I start my journey to empower you to trust yourself and know that you know.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog/website, and for taking that first step to checking out different holistic healing methods. 


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