Message from the Orion Arcturian Collective on Love and Compassion

This is a message from the Arctucains 👽the Orion Arcturian Collective.

Received August 18th, 2017. Originally posted on my Instagram and Facebook Page only.

The Experience:

I see a short green alien-like figure with large black eyes staring at me this being is an Arctucain this is my first ‘aware’ contact with them. I am not scared. I am second guessing myself that they are wanting to communicate with me, however, all morning I have seen this being in front of me…. waiting…. like pleading with me to sit, and quite my mind, and listen to the message, as I type this out as I am experiencing this being is joined by another green being, and now there are about a dozen in my minds eye. They know I am ready to listen to the message. I am ready to type out the message, for I know the message is for humanity.

The message:

There has been a lot of up stirring in the air this week with events happening in the USA with white supremacy. There has been a lot of talks out in the spiritual community, lightworkers have written blogs on this, and they have been speaking out on social media , social media stories [Instagram Stories] and posts with it, not all being received in a positive matter.

People have criticised and judged and made attacks against others, and the person on the receiving end has then lashed out with being hurt by the messages received. This is a cycle… it keeps going around and around like a wheel turning. This is not helping.

Yes, it is great to speak your truth. However, sometimes it is better to not post a reply on Social Media, or a blog etc. Write in your journal to ‘get it out’ so you do not block your chakras. But when we spill our judgments on why we think an individual has attacked it, this just puts more energy into the matter.

It makes the energy bigger and bigger.

Take time to reflect quietly why this comment affected you in a certain way.

How you react is a reflection of something within yourself staring back at you in the mirror, but instead of finding out the why you feel this way, you put more makeup on to cover up the parts you do not like, and then you share that with your community.

When you judge others you are judging the parts of you-you do not like in yourself.

the message here today is ❤LOVE and compassion.

You think you are spreading it, but in fact you adding fuel to the fire. Instead reflect back on how you have reacted this past week to messages and blog posts you have seen online. What is happening is blinders have been put up. Where you only choose to see it the way you see it, or the way you have felt hurt by it.

This is how lower energies come to surface, this is how lower energies take over people and the world. All this is LOW energy gaining power over the Lightworkers who have engaged in this behavior. Clear yourself of this energy. Instead, radiate LOVE wherever you go. Spread the message of LOVE. Do not engage in fueling this energy on.

This is a trick this is a ploy to blind you into thinking you are doing the right thing. However reflect back at your mind set when you shared an IG/FB story, post, blog, e-mail… where was it at? Was it coming from a place of LOVE, or a place of hurt, a place of needing to correct a wrong, a place of anger, a place of feeling attacked, a place of defensiveness? If it did — do not beat yourself up about. This is not a message to shame you, to make you feel bad about your actions. This is a message to clear your energy, a message to spread LOVE. To Spread your Love and Light to others, in a way that isn’t ego based or lower energy fueled. Don’t you get it? when lower energy is fueled it affects more people and if it can affect the Lightworkers then it wins. For Lightworkers….are trying to spread light and love throughout the world. However, when this happens you are blindsided basically.

Please do not take this message and send negatively towards Joy- our earth messenger. She is just that- a channel for the message. Now Joy has asked what can you do to protect yourself from these types of energies? – be aware of the information being presented to you – stay away from the news do not engage in what is happening in the news – the news nowadays with social media has become a large part of the lower energies fuel. Think about it. What happens when you watch the news? What does the news report? It is usually ‘bad things happening news’, how often does the news report ‘happy stories’, and now with social media, many people are fueling the lower energies by placing negative comments on news reports. This reaches a larger audience of people. So more people are affected by the lower energy.

– When you read the news- it usually makes you feel bad, you take on this negativity – you may feel tired after, you may feel outraged at what is happening, this affects your energy centers.

– if you do read the news and are affected by it… ask yourself why, and journal about it, then take that piece of paper and burn it, if you typed it up- delete it. Get it out of your energy.

– Send LOVE to the areas and people affected by the lower/negative energy. If you have engaged in responding to attacks etc then delete these posts, and clear your energy. Lower energy will get in any way it can, if it senses a crack it will wiggle its way through and wreck havoc to spread its message. To keep Earth small, to keep it at a lower vibration.

Remember LOVE❤ is the message. Spread Love❤, thank you –

this is a message from the Orion Arcturain Collective Channeled by Joy Rachelle

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