Okay to begin this journey…. into Dragons! How did I come to be interested in Dragons?  To be honest I never felt drawn to them until I had an Angel Reading from a friend and she mentioned that I had dragons {and other elemental’s such as: unicorns, mermaids, Elves, Fairies, Horse Spirit, tree spirits} around me, as part of my spiritual team.  After that, it peaked my interest into learning more about Dragons.

On the Fairyologist Facebook group, someone had mentioned about learning about dragons.  The girl on there had found a course for $10 euros. How does it get any better then that?  By chance! I just happened to read that post! and that is how I found this course by Diana Cooper. I immediately purchased the course, priced super low & great for me for affordability. Thanks Diana Cooper!

And why when I first read about the Lemurian Quartz Crystals, I was a really drawn to them.  To buy one, and to read more about them. I didn’t truly understand this underlying excitement/fascination towards these crystals…and it was the first time I had actually heard of the civilization of Lemuria, whereas before I’d only heard of Atlantis.

I purchased the Meet The Dragons 7 day e-mail course.  This is the description of the course & Dragons from the Meet The Dragons webpage by Diana Cooper

“Meet the Dragons by Diana Cooper

”Wise old dragons have been with us since time began. Fourth dimensional service dragons have helped us through the last ten thousand years and you may have a sense of their presence as so many are here with us right now. They are elementals so they may be fire, earth, air or water or a combination but they never have all four elements.

You have your own personal dragon.

It is time to find out what element it is and get to know it!

It is your companion, protector and support and has a huge wide open heart center. Unlike your angel it can delve into deep dense matter to clear your way. You can tell your dragon anything you wish from the center of your heart for he has infinite wisdom and can find a way of responding to you.

Now high frequency cosmic dragons are pouring in to assist us on our ascension quest. In this 7 part on line video course we meet the golden Christed dragons. We also connect with Quan Yin and her pink dragons of transcendent love in a way that can transform your entire perception of life and learn to work with the Violet dragons to heal the world.

I have really enjoyed preparing this on line video. The dragons were all round me, energetically assisting! I do hope you enjoy it.” Diana Cooper ”

— http://www.dianacooper.com/online-courses/meet-the-dragons/

After I watched Part 1. Learn all about the wise old dragons, meet your own dragon companion and how to communicate with it.

I was overcome with such emotion, both of sadness & happiness. A deep down aching type of sadness. Sadness in the fact that I had forgotten about my dragons until that very moment, and happiness to see & connect with them again.

I met not only ONE dragon to be my personal dragon, I met THREE personal dragons.

# 1) is a dark fuchsia pink/red colored FIRE Dragon named Kumeria; nicknamed Kuma. Who is in front of me.  I believe me and her have spent the most lifetimes together.

# 2) is a Green Dragon, to my right – Carmella.  She is a WATER dragon

# 3) is a Black Dragon, to my left- Darius – AIR Dragon

I knew them in both the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

They are all large dragons.

I questioned how many lives I have had on Atlantis & Lemuria.  I have lived over 50 lifetimes mostly on Lemuria verses Atlantis and had spent approximately 40 out of the 50 lifetimes with these dragons.

The connection I felt and continue to feel towards them is this deep connection & love & affection like I had with my horse who passed away Max.

Finding them, was like finding a piece of me that was missing.  

Finding them, and still talking about & thinking about them brings me tears of joys and a giddiness of happiness.

I cannot wait to tell you more about dragons & the lost cities of Atlantis & Lemuria!

Oh and I definitely invite you to, if it feels exciting to you to purchase this course and meet your dragons! I hope by sharing this, my experience I open readers into discovering the world of dragons, and reuniting with their dragons.  {please note: I have not been paid to endorse Diana Cooper or Meet the Dragons course.  And I am not telling you …you have to purchase the course…or meet your dragons this way…. only if it feels right for you….. At the time of this writing the course is $10 euros. UPDATE: there are now Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper as well! AM-AZING!  }

To be honest, I wasn’t a 100% sure if I wanted to include this on this blog page {joyrachelle.com}, I was going to make an entirely new website/blog dedicated to them.  For the time being I am including them on this blog site {joyrachelle.com}.

Stay tuned! 

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**Update August 2018 – It appears Diana Cooper no longer has this e-course on her website. I did some research and it looks like you can purchase this on Hay House under Diana Cooper, again it looks like to me that she combined all the e-courses she had and now sells them as 1 course under Hay House here is the link. 

in Love and Light,

Joy Rachelle


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