My Journey how it started

My Journey How it Started

Feb 9, 2016 ~

Today’s post I have decided to write a little about how my journey started. Maybe you will be able to relate, and you will click with that I have experienced. However at the time I did not know what it was I was experiencing. I did not fully realize it until last fall. From when I can pin point where a majority of my symptoms and issues started was in the fall of 2007.

I met my husband to be in the summer of 2007. Back then I was a regular 20 something year old girl. I had just graduated from college with a certificate in Business Administration – however was having a hard time finding a job. Back then as I had been my whole life prior I was a small petite girl. This all changed and continued to change for the next 6-8 years. You see I suddenly started to gain weight- once a 110 pound toned fit girl (I was working 2 horses that summer so I was super toned) I started to gain weight – to the point where everyone thought i was pregnant. Yup- embarrassing being judged like that. That was the first of it. Turns out I some ovarian cysts that caused the weight gain and later I would begin to have symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and MS.

Following the weight gain, about 2 years later in 2010 my right knee popped out. I was when I had finally got my house unpacked and had decided I had had enough of this excess weight! I bough a workout DVD and was about to start it! Or so I thought! My knee went out…. while I was transferring laundry from the washing machine to the dyer. Yup. That was all I was doing. This knee issue has been something I have struggled with since then. Until last summer (I will get to that in another post in the future).

Anyways with my knee the swelling would not go down. They couldn’t figure out why. I was in trouble at work as they wanted me go back, and I physically could not stand without crunches. I was on crutches for about 4 months? This is why the doctor thought I had rheumatoid arthritis. This was in 2010 and until about 2013 I believed I had that or some sort of auto immune disorder. I had all the symptoms- fatigue, swelling in my joints especially my right knee, my hands used to hurt all the time, I could tell when the weather was going to change.

In 2011 I started to work at a hospital as a lab assistant taking blood. I worked doing this until I moved in the summer of 2013. While I worked at the hospital I began to have symptoms of MS as I was having issues with my eyes- so my doctor ordered a Head MRI- it came back negative. Went to see an eye specialist who placed special drops in my eyes – again nothing was found.

In the spring 2013 I started to have these chest pains while I was at work. In January of the same year I had gotten bronchitis. My doctor sent me to get a cardiogram? done. Again- nothing came back just some congenital condition that didn’t affect me.

Or the time I gave myself heat stroke…. trying to prevent my horse from getting heat stroke!

Throughout my childhood and till about 2014 if someone was sick. It was me. I was the one with the cold or flu literally it felt like year round. I would get better then someone else would get sick, and I would be sick again. It was hard.

I learned in the fall 2013 that these symptom where not mine. I learned through a palm reading with a Native American Medicine Woman/Healer that I was a powerful healer. That my body did not know how to control it, so it was presenting me with all these random symptoms. It finally BEGAN to make sense to me, you see Ken’s mom had Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus and multiple other issues – which my body was picking up on and trying to heal. Only it did not have the proper channels to function the healing from. We would go over to his parents house at least once a week- till we moved in the summer of 2013. She told me I needed to learn Reiki or Thetahealing- something I would be able to channel healing through. If you are a natural born healer- you need to learn how to use and channel these gifts properly in order to not take on the symptoms yourself.

At the time I was like… I don’t know what that is… I don’t have money to take these classes… how do I find someone to teach me this? So okay she told me this on about Dec 20th,2013 and told me again in the Spring of 2014 and I had a medium/Reiki healer tell me in February of 2014 the same thing. I did not truly get it at the time.  I said fine… I will do this. So I found a class and took Reiki 1 and 2 in August of 2014.  Looking back as I type this- I shake my head. It took me 8 months to follow these directions.

And that was only the beginning.  Since then I have learned many different tools in dealing with taking on other peoples illnesses, thoughts and feelings.

That is what this blog site is about- how I can help you and give you tools to help yourself. The tools I never had. To assist you on your journey and to inspire you I hope!. Stay tuned.

With Love and Gratitude,


Joy Rachelle

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