My Journey to Spirituality

The inspiration for this post was brought to me by a memory from my Facebook feed.

The post made me sad.

Two well almost three months after the post (2014)we had to make the decision to put my beloved cat Ramsey down after complications to his surgery. I had been given Ramsey as my first Christmas gift from my now husband Ken. He shared 7 beautiful, loving years with us.

This is a reminder to myself to listen to my gut instincts. The day before we took him for his second surgery I had the feeling we shouldn’t take him. I questioned Ken if we should still take him or hold off on this second surgery. I had this nagging feeling to keep him at home. Only that was the ONLY reason I had, no explanation at all. Just a feeling of don’t take him for surgery today. However felt and talked myself into taking him anyway as the vet was an expert in this and knew what was best for him so why delay it? And why was i feeling this way?

The first surgery had gone great …. little did we know that the vet wasn’t actually aware of some complications to this surgery and possibly hadn’t actually performed a bunch of them.

What’s done is done. He may of passed later if not for this experience.

Losing him was one of the hardest and darkest times in my life. It brought back the pain and grief of the loss of my dad from 2005. Which I learned from working at the Wellness center- I had NEVER taken the time to grieve. To really process it.

And then in Jan 2015 I lost my beloved dog General Zod and then in Nov 2015 I had to make the decision to put down my believed horse Max (pictured above in my heading). I lost 3 animals I loved dearly in the span of a year.

This started a journey for me again. .. of what else is possible? And what is death? And is there something else after death? I now know my animals and dad are still with me everyday in my life and that is a great gift 🙂 and comfort.

The true turning point for me starting my spiritual journey began after Ramsey passed away.  Luckily for me, at my place of employment we had energy healers come in. After the loss of my cat Ramsey, I was instructed to see V, the energy healer that was coming in every few weeks at the time, as they recognized that I needed healing from my loss, and also the grief I still carried from my dad’s passing in April 2005.

The first time I went to see her, was a few days after his passing.  I laid on the table and she started working on me.  Throughout the session we talked a bit, and then she brought through a beautiful message- she stated she kept seeing a orange cat next to me.  I said yeah that’s the color of my cat Ramsey. Then I proceeded to tell her about this beautiful dream I had had that morning.  In the dream I was half sleep (snoozed the alarm clock) and could feel the weight of him laying next to my head and purring.  She then stated that yes- he was actually there with me.  And that he would continue to be with Ken and me during this time.

She also stated that he was telling her it was his time to go, and that we made the right decision.  This was comforting to hear. About a month after Ramsey’s passing a friend convinced me to get a kitten to help with the loss.  I went and picked out a new kitten (she is on instagram at: Adventures of Storm the Cat) and she has brought a lot of love and affection into my life- and also a lot of headache- kittens you know.

After we got her, during my sessions with V. she would say that Storm is paying with Ramsey, and still with us :).  He is still with me, I can feel him especially at night.  I will feel the jumping of a cat on the bed, and feel the weight of their body against me.  I reach out to touch Storm- she isn’t there half the time.  I used to sit up and look and make sure she wasn’t somewhere on the bed.  Now I don’t.  I smile, and say goodnight Ramsey, and run my hands through the air.  I am not certain if he can feel me petting him, it just feels like air to me, however it is comforting and if he can feel me then wonderful 🙂


In Love & Light,


Joy Rachelle

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