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Hi! I'm Joy Rachelle

Are you a spiritual seeker who desires to find clarity, meaning, and guidance in your life, who desires to figure out what you are experiencing whether you are new or old to Spirituality?

Are you seeking to heal an area or issue in your life on a soul level?

I am a Spiritual Healer and Teacher and would love to be a part of this journey with you!

Start HereWork with Me

Start Here

Work with Me

Divine Guidance Readings

Channeled messages from your Spirit Guides, Angels or Archangels.

Current Life circumstances and questions around decisions and choices that have to be made are answered in the context of the client’s souls progression.

Energy Healing

Shamanic Healing lead by Spirit.

The session is intuitive and guided by your Spirit team and my Spirit team.

I simply hold the intention you have for the healing, and goes on the healing journey for you.

Sacred Activations

Would you like to increase your intuition, psychic abilities, mental focus, and energy? How about rejuvenate your cells and even reverse aging?! What about attract your soul mate, and soul mate clients/soul tribe?

Sacred activations can do all that and much more!

What People Are Saying

*see the video testimonial below*

These activations are amazing! I did one last night, and it was incredibly healing and powerful.

I felt an actual physical release as Joy & my Angels worked on me.

We hold our “stuff” in our bodies so this was AMAZING! Thank you! Jaya

Jaya Leigh Connects [ testimony for Ready for Download Sacred Activations]

Amanda Linette Meder

Blogger, Amanda Linette Meder

I had a reading done by Joy and she was spot on with my gut feeling.

She validated my feeling of trusting my spirit guides and angels to guide me in the right direction.

I feel more at peace knowing that spirit will help me make the right choices in my journey. Thank you! Jodi R

from USA [distance Angelic Reading]

After Joy completed my Healing Session I IMMEDIATELY felt “lighter” and more energetic the following morning. I live in New Jersey so the healing was done distantly as I slept. Everything Joy said resonated with me and some of the details she provided where EXACT, SPOT ON!! The chakras she worked on were EXACTLY where I was having digestive issues and extreme lower back pain. I feel less back pain since my healing and have not needed my back brace all day long and not needed pain meds as much. I feel very grateful to have found Joy online to help with my healing as well as connecting and trusting in my spirit team and angels. Thanks immensely Joy!!” Jennifer

New Jersey USA [Transcendence Healing Session]


How I met my Dragons of Atlantis and Lemuria

Okay to begin this journey…. into Dragons! How did I come to be interested in Dragons?  To be honest I never felt drawn to them until I had an Angel Reading from a friend and she mentioned that I had dragons {and other elemental’s such as: unicorns, mermaids, Elves,...

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What is it like to find out your a Psychic Medium?

I know when I first heard I could communicate with the dead.  I was like…. WHOA…WHOA…WHOA….you are saying what now? I think she could tell I was uh anxious? about this discovery.  As she was like “you didn’t know?” and I am sitting there like…uh yeah lady I didn’t...

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