One on One sessions are typically 10-20 minutes in length/per activation. They are very powerful activation’s, and continue to work long after the session is completed. They will continue to run until they are fully integrated with the client. We provide a MP3 recording of the session- so you can continue to listen to the activation and run the activation as many times as you wish to have the activations integrate quicker 🙂

They can be done via. in person {ZOOM} or at a distance {two options: we meet at a time {again Joy is on MST time} where Joy will guide you through the activation, or completed on Joys time at a time scheduled when you will be able to relax and rest and will not be driving for at least an hour after}

Scheduling is done through the link via. calendy after purchase [will be redirected after purchase]

Sacred Activation sessions will be completed within 30 business days of purchase {excluding weekends and stat holidays} <– that being said we may schedule activations on weekends for you to accommodate your schedule. This is more for activations set for a meeting time ) .

*** activations can be done at a distance with no one on one contact {like setting up a specific time to call you}, however at the time of the activation we would like you to in a quiet setting, relaxed, and not about to drive after as your body will require time to rest.


Please note we are under Mountain Standard time- please indicate the time zone you are in.


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