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Transcendence Healing Session


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Shamanic Healing Session Lead by Spirit

A Transcendence Healing Session is a shamanic type healing session.

The session is intuitive and guided by your Spirit team and Joy’s Spirit team.

Joy simply holds the intention you have for the healing and goes on the healing journey for you. 

The healing that takes place is for your highest and greatest good, as it is directed by your Higher Self/Spirit Guides.

Since each session is channelled directly for your individual needs, each is unique.  She will release any blocks, patterns, or energies that no longer serve you for your highest and greatest good.

Distance Shamanic Healing Sessions can be very powerful and can transform your healing so you can experience transcendence.  

After the session,  Joy will email via PDF copy and/or MP3 Recording you any feedback received during the journey. Usually, the feedback includes messages, insight or recommendations channelled from your guides.

*sessions are completed and e-mailed out within 14 business days of purchase*

*please note it may take 1 session, or multiple sessions to perform the amount of healing required. You are purchasing 1 healing session.  Joy is merely a conduit of the healing. Read terms & conditions/policies outlined prior to purchase.*



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