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Joy Rachelle is a Transformational Healer, Activation Alchemist, and Lemurian Priestess who empowers women to rewrite their limiting stories, alchemizing their trauma into their power and sovereignty with her natural intuitive insights and gifts, angelic channelling, and potent magickal healing. Her work is extremely potent and life-changing.

She works in the realms of the mystic in the ancient lands and rememberings of her past lives in Lemuria (and Atlantis, Ancient Egypt), incorporating healing activations, ancient lemurian flower essences, and sound healing.

She also uses her potent shamanic energy healing, and connection with Spirit in her healing work. Her motto is Spirit is in charge and she is merely the chosen conduit to perform the healings and pass on divine messages.

 Fueled by her own healing transformation of overcoming feeling like she didn’t belong on this planet or in her body, feeling the innate feeling since a little girl that she was meant to do BIG things in this life. As the calling became louder and louder she still felt like she was living a life of routine, and was putting on the fake face of saying she was happy in life. She has the nice house, the love of her life, working at home and still she felt out of place, like she was just going through the motions. So she healed and overcame all the feelings of shame, trauma and self-loathing, which fuels her passion about helping women transform with her expertise and support her clients transform from the inside out. She wants every woman to know the sense of coming ‘home’ feeling she has felt herself, and knows is possible for you.

Now my long bio, which includes a little about my journey, and how I work with energy.

Hi, I’m Joy!

I am a spiritual teacher and healer. I am a empath, shamaness and high vibing channel for Spirit.  I connect with Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ancient Lemurian flowers, dragons, and starbeings.

I love working with spiritual seekers, just like you, who desire to find clarity, meaning, and guidance in their lives, who desire to figure out what you are experiencing whether you are new or old to Spirituality.

I can help you feel less overwhelmed, find clarity, stay grounded, stay sane, and let you know you’re NOT alone in this!

I’ve been there, overwhelmed, not knowing what was happening, thinking I was must be crazy.

Not knowing what it was I was experiencing, seeking answers, seeking validation, comparing myself to others, constantly googling and reading blog after blog and books on the subject only to continue to feel overwhelmed and what I was experiencing didn’t fit the mould of what I was reading. Coming into your gifts is not a one box, fits all. Everyone experiences different symptoms.

I spent a long time scared of the dark (literally slept with a night light till about 3 years ago when my husband finally was like, no nightlight Joy), scared of the Spirit world and what it meant.  I thought I was a ‘baby’ new psychic medium.  I was a part of the Amanda Linette Meder membership, and in the group everyone would write about their experiences and I would read them and go, hmm, nope, I’m getting nothing here.  I was frustrated. Until that magical moment in May of 2016 where the stars aligned just right and I was able to get a reading done from Amanda herself. This reading CHANGED everything, it changed my life for the better. This is what I would call one of those PRICELESS moments of my life, and of my membership with Amanda.

Up until this point I was slowly starting to put the pieces together, and working over my fear of the day a deceased loved one would walk into my life. I would have the self talk of – I can do this, I am not afraid, I am ready, I can do this! But in truth I was only about 70% telling myself the truth. Only as I discovered in my reading with Amanda – I wasn’t one of those mediums. This whole time I was scared of something I wouldn’t be doing, and had in fact done and been doing for hundreds of past lives.  I discovered, and it made so much sense when she told me I was a channel for Spirit, highly intuitive, and aware, with a strong gift of claircognizance.

It explained why I just knew what to say to a friend or a client, and couldn’t explain why or where I’d gotten the information.  It explained why I just knew what symptoms they were having without them telling me, people would call me a mind reader, growing up when I used this gift freely people would call me wise beyond my years, and I would be like ‘cool’.

To describe how I receive my messages, and my connection especically with Archangels is, it’s like I am a radio antenna/receiver, and I receive the messages directly from the Archangel.  It was described to me that I am here on Earth (which is a third dimension frequency), and for the messages I receive the Archangel stays at its say seventh dimension frequency (aka Heaven), instead of coming down to the Earths third dimensional frequency.

With this the information channeled stays in its high vibrational frequency, keeping the message in its purest form, its like receiving a message in Spanish and not having to translate it into English.  As when its translated into English you lose the special tone or meaning when its translated, with the messages I receive they hold that same tone, meaning, frequency as if its staying in Spanish.

I see and experience energy differently. For me connecting with an Archangel is a everyday type feeling, and I have learned to be aware of when I am receiving a message, its not how fellow Amanda Linette Meder member Ashley Strong from Light Love and Spirit would describe it for herself as quoted from her blog Connecting with an Archangel

“When I pick up on an angel for a client I always get the feeling of being sucked back into my seat; like a strong wind pushing me back. Have you ever rode that spaceship ride at a carnival, the one that sticks you to the wall? ” Ashley Strongs Blog Connecting with an Archangel read here

(as the Archangel comes down into her third dimensional energy)- for me it’s a typical everyday energy, that is hardly noticeable to me energetically.  As you may read in my Seeing Sparkles Blog, I have a few videos on how energy looks to me.

I have a connection with Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Dragons, Trees, Fairies and Mountains.  I use this connection in my healing sessions, packages, and courses. Oh and in my every day life too. I have received continuing education /training with Amanda Linette Meder as part of her membership program.  I use my strongest gifts of claircognizance, clairaudience and clairvoyance to communicate with Spirit.

I can help you discover, or rediscover your hidden gifts, whether they be intuitive or healing, or whatever it may be for you. Once I honed my gifts, knew what I was working with, my life has changed for the better. Discovering your Spirit team, and your deceased loved ones are with you is like reconnecting with long lost friends, and JUST knowing they are here with me, everyday, cheering me on, encouraging me when I’m down, just knowing you are NEVER truly alone is the most amazing feeling- I cannot even put it into words.

I have learned many different modalities over the years – I am certified in the following: Reiki Master/Teacher, Sacred Activations Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner (taught it for one year), Access Body Processes Practitioner (taught it for one year),  Fairyologist and Archangel Life Purpose Coach.

In addition, I have training in shamanic healing, group + distance healing, akashic records, past life regression, soul retrieval, spiritual attachment release, sound healing, color therapy, astrology, water alchemy, meet your dragons and law of attraction. As well for my personal and professional development, you will find me with many books on the go, ranging from eating and nutrition, angels, finding your soul purpose, shamanism, the afterlife, life between worlds, healing, reiki, access consciousness, and animal messengers etc. 

I have a different perspective and approach to learning about spirituality and your gifts. My goal is to empower you to help you heal, gain a connection with Spirit and to trust the information you are receiving. What I have learned after years of ‘chasing’ the right healing modality, is that I have all of the potent magick within myself, all I had to do was discover it, and trust it. It also came with a LOT of inner healing and transformation. That’s what I want for you! 

I grew up on a farm, near a few small towns on the prairies of Alberta, Canada.  I am the youngest of 4 children, and I was the ‘surprise’ baby for my parents, as my mom was not told she was having twins— until well I was born!

I have spent MANY years in the healthcare field, as a licensed practical nurse, then years later as a medical lab assistant [aka blood vampire/phlembotmist].  I spent my whole life, desiring to help people, and now I do in a completely different way. In addition to the above credentials I have a diploma in business administration and have worked in many different fields as a  call center, retail sales, bank teller, receptionist, and executive assistant.

I currently live in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Yes! it is COLD up here. I’m an avid animal lover (I currently have a dog and a cat), a new found lover of birds and their songs, lifelong student of life, always learning, crystals, young living essential oils, angel books, spiritual books, the beach, the mountains, horses, dolphins, Marvels superhero movies, horse movies/tv shows and travelling with my husband.

I am in love with music by Taylor Swift, and have my celebrity crushes on Josh Duhamel, and Chris Evans just to name a few.

Some of my Favourite TV shows: Greys Anatomy, Friends, Heartland, How I met your Mother, Seinfeld

Favourite songs at the moment: This is Me [from the movie the Greatest Showman], I Lived by One Republic

For more details: 

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Where the Magic Happens: Somewhere in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada

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