What I Do

I help individuals like you, who are searching and discovering and wondering what their spiritual gifts are, who are looking for guidance, and or healing,  who struggle with what they’re experiencing, what their gifts are, who are looking for a spiritual teacher to help achieve clarity, uncover their hidden abilities, to trust the messages they are receiving. Who are looking for a spiritual healer who can get to the root cause of an issue so you can receive healing on a soul based level by communicating with your Spirit team of Spirit Guides, Angels, and Archangels for guidance, and healing.

My Philosophy

Spirit works through me, to deliver the messages and healing for your highest good.

Spirit in is charge of the session.  It is amazing what messages, guidance and healing come through when you allow Spirit to work with you.

By allowing and being open to this method of healing can be life changing in all area’s of your life.


My Methods

I use a variety of tools in my Spiritual toolkit as guided by Spirit, I use the guidance set out by connecting with Spirit, whether I’m connecting to your Spirit Guides, Angels, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Power Animals, Animals, trees, etc.

I use this in healing sessions, coaching sessions, guidance sessions and individual readings.

Spirit is in charge, and I am the conduit for relaying the information to you, a vessel for performing the healing, I am the channel for the healing, message and guidance.

My Goals

Whether you are booking a session, or purchasing a course, or subscription from me my main goal is to empower you to trust Spirit, whether it be the messages, guidance or healing that come through.

Spirit works with us, as co-creators of our lives- if we only allow them too. Spirit desires to spread Love and Peace throughout the world, and it starts with YOU finding that Love and Peace within yourself.

My ultimate goal for you is to – find that connection with your Spirit team, and have you let them in, to have faith and trust in them and for you to be in connection with them 24/7 and for you to know they are there for you, they are just a gratitude filled prayer away.

Inner Self Healing Journey

Open for enrollment now till Sept 30 at 11:59 pm PST.

By the time you complete the Inner Self Work Healing Journey, you can be more self-confident, value yourself by knowing your self-worth and knowing you are worthy and feel free of the constraints, of not being able to let go, and forgive yourself and others. You can discover or rediscover yourself, and have a passion for life and loving yourself like never before and your life can be what you deserve

Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing is like your cellphone service. Joy is the cellphone provider/company, you are the cellphone and the ‘energy healing’ Joy acts as a conduit for is the cell phone tower.

Joy connects with the energy of your ‘cellphone’ and channels the healing and information from your Spirit team which may include but not limited to include: why this is occurring, and homework to be performed by you to further the healing

Sacred Activations

Activation’s work on deleting hundreds of thousands of belief systems which hold you back from who you really are.

Would you like to increase your intuition, psychic abilities, mental focus, and energy?

How about rejuvenate your cells and even reverse aging?

What about attract your soul mate, and soul mate clients/soul tribe?

Sacred activations can do all that and much more!

Divine Guidance Readings

I Channel messages directly from your Spirit Guides/ Angels or Archangels.

You can ask questions around current Life circumstances.  Or if your are not sure what what you would like to ask, and are wanting to book a session there is an Open reading option where Spirit will transmit a message they would like you to hear at this time.

Different session options available


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