I am starting this blog to assist others who are going thru their own spiritual journey.  I know it can be confusing and you will have your moments when you will ask God “why is this happening and what is going on with me?”. You may have been asking these questions your whole life.

The spiritual journey is one usually filled with hardships and loss.  However without these hardships and the lessons you choose to learn from them you would not be the person you are today and would not have the soul growth your being(your spirit or Infinite Being) has required.

Or perhaps you have just never felt like you ‘fit in’ anywhere. You were the weird kid in school. Well being weird is great I know it didn’t always feel that way.  I was the weird kid growing up, and I think people still think I am weird- I mean look at what I am writing about and what my calling is? WEIRD!! Embrace being weird .  I have always had a variety of different friends in different circles because I have always been drawn to the “weird” and know that just because your labeled as weird doesn’t mean your not an amazing person with amazing things to share and teach others ….. which has taken a lifetime to learn that I don’t always have to fit in and like and follow other people’s likes and dislikes and be like someone I am not because being ME and learning who I AM and the person I am turning into being is an AMAZING person and you’d be lucky to get to know me
So get to know a “weird” person you both will make a difference in each others life. ..you just have to have an open mind 

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  and remember no one likes to be judged… judgments are what is wrong with the world….instead think of things as interesting….. and with no judgement and see how differently you view others and the world.

A reminder to readers: I am not a professional writer, I did well in English in High School however it has been over 10 years since I was I in High School and over 8 years since I’ve had to write a college paper.


Again this blog is not based on my writing technique; it is informational.  With all my life experience and education I currently have and as I grow and learn where my place is in this world I hope to provide you with tools and insight that will help you along  your journey as well. If you would like coaching in some of the techniques and processes I use; please contact me for pricing.

Thank you for reading my blog and investing in yourself

With Love;

Joy Rachelle

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