What is Soul Loss? and what is a Soul Retrieval?

What is a Soul Loss?

A soul loss can happen whenever we experience a trauma in our life.  An example of a Soul Loss is when we suddenly lose a family member or a close friend.  A soul loss can occur at any age, and at anytime. It is something we do not have any control over.  And is something we usually don’t even know is lost.

A soul loss is a common cause of illness in the practice of shamanism.

We carry around lost soul fragments from this lifetime and past lifetimes.

Why does it happen?

It is a protective method used by our ‘spirit/soul’ self that allows a part of ourselves to be removed from experiencing the pain and suffering from the event. Having lost Soul fragments can create emotional and physical disease. Soul loss can be experienced as a chronic illness or ongoing emotional issues such as sadness and anger.  Many people with a soul loss feel like a part of them is missing, and do not feel quite whole.  In this essence they are correct to feel this way as they are missing parts of themselves and sometimes it can be important parts of ourselves.

What is a Soul Retrieval? 

A Soul Retrieval is a healing the shaman/healer uses to seek out lost soul fragments that are willing to be returned from any point in life {this lifetime or a past lifetime} to you, and the shaman/healer reintegrates the lost soul fragment with you. Soul retrievals are typically done when the person is ready for fragments to be returned, and many times your spirit team whether you are aware of it or not, will guide you to a healer and session that is available so the fragments that are ready can be returned to you, and you are ready to be healed.

Everyone’s experience after having a soul retrieval performed are different and unique.  Some people may experience an immediate release, like a weight has been lifted off them.  Others may feel tired, exhausted, sleepy, worse before they feel better. Example: feel cold or flu like symptoms. Some people experience these recovery symptoms for 3 months or longer. This is what is known as an energy purge. Please know that regardless if you feel better right away or worse that the soul retrieval was performed and the loss soul fragments have been returned to you. It may just take your physical body and spiritual body time to fully re-integrate the missing soul pieces. And everyone experiences energy differently.

An example is you have a grandmother who lives across the world.  You have spend your whole life communicating to grandma on the phone or threw letters.  You love your grandma.  You go and meet her one day for the first time, and you are 18 years old. This is the first time you have met her in your life, and you are going to be staying with her while you are in school. You feel awkward, and unsure how to act around her.  You love her, she’s your grandma, BUT you don’t really know her? and she doesn’t really know you… so you need to get to know each other, and build a relationship it seems from scratch.  In this process it takes about 3-6 months to get to know her and feel comfortable and like you fit in.  That is kind of how the lost soul fragment feels.  It may have been lost for over 30 years, or heck this whole lifetime plus a past lifetime! So it was ready to come back, and will stay back and with you, however it will take time for the soul fragment, your spirit/soul body, and your physical body to all feel ‘good’ again.

Soul Retrievals also include homework and self care on the part of the client.  The clients spirit team will give detailed instructions on what to do after a Soul retrieval to help re-integrate it back to current reality.  This may include a welcoming ceremony.  In a welcoming ceremony it is the client welcoming back the lost soul pieces, usually with a special dinner made or bought, and by setting up two places at the table and serving yourself and your lost soul piece.  It may include taking a bath, and listening to a meditation.  It is important that these steps are taken, so the missing piece feels welcomed back, and that is safe to be back so to speak.

I offer Long-Distance Soul Retrievals and Spiritual Healing currently I have the Transcendence Healing Program, where there are 3 different levels to pick from.  All of these sessions are guided by your spirit team.  The last level includes a Soul Retrieval.

In Love and Light,

Joy Rachelle

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