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Confidently become your
own Inner Autonomous Authority™

in less than 9 months WITHOUT signing up for another coach, course or modality again!

**Officially starting Winter 2021 (don’t worry I have some amazing bonus material to get you started!)

You know you should trust your own inner knowing and guidance… but you have no clue where to begin.

Does this sound familiar?

You know you need to be showing up consistently and sharing your starlight with the world, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by what you should or shouldn’t do.

Tired of continually working on being seen, and heard.

NOW Imagine being able to be your own Inner Autonomous Authority™ without having to rely on external sources anymore?

As you…


Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School

Confidently become your very own Inner Autonomous Authority™ and start living a life full of purpose, passion, creativity and deep connection to your mission and spiritual team.

Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School is the first of its kind that not only teaches you how to access and accelerate your psychic resources but also activates them along with your own inner knowing, access to gifts, abilities and magick available for you to bring forth and use NOW to skyrocket your business and spiritual connection to megalithic levels. 

Here’s a peak of what’s inside: Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School 

Reborn Creatrix

Receive teaching, healing and clearing enchantments of the 8 core limiting beliefs that have kept you in your current loop so  you can break free from them so you will  show up for your soul tribe and mission every damn day; no longer held back by invisible barriers and chains

Psychic Resources Activation

Activations and teachings on the psychic resources available to you, understand how they work, which psychic resources are strongest for you so you can understand how you receive information so you can connect with your Spirit team and Higher Self for answers with confidence

Impenetrable Energy Sorcesses

Learn how to use and manage this gift you once thought of as a curse so you can function like a “normal” person, and no longer be overwhelmed

Multidimensional Magick Activator

Activation and exploration of your connections to ancient places and things to awaken your inner guidance system even more, so that you can discover who you have been, and who you always have been to bring those aspects, gifts, connections and abilities into your life NOW, to propel your business into greater abundance and achieve the spiritual wealth of connection within yourself you have been searching for all you life. 

The Abundant Starlight Wayshower

Learn the process of packaging up your offers into aligned, low end and high end offers to attract  soul contract clients easily and effortlessly. 



Access to Joy for Group Psychic Laser Coaching and discussion 2 x a month

BONUS: Resurrection of YOU through the Lions Gate Portal 2.5 hours of fast tracked upleveling activations VALUE 8K (priceless really)

The value of all the above is WELL over $150,000, but you can enroll today for a special investment of only $18,000.

Pay in full $18,000

Payment Plan Only 9 payments of $2400 USD

Are you ready

to Confidently become your very own Inner Autonomous Authority™ to live a life full of purpose, passion, creativity and deep connection to your mission and spiritual team?

Meet Joy Rachelle

Your New Inner Autonomous Authority Mentor!

I can’t wait to meet you inside Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School!

Hey, I’m Joy Rachelle and just a few years ago, I was stuck in the endless cycle of self-doubt, the constant yo-yo cycle of putting myself out there and then retreating back into myself, constantly taking courses and learning modalities that never managed to fill the empty void I was feeling, instead of my half empty cup filling up, it felt like it was constantly running on empty.

So I turned to hiring coach after coach who constantly would tell me to follow their blueprint, to pick a different niche that my inner knowing of what my purpose was wrong…I was on a constant roller coaster ride of receiving amazing inner insights, and then the constant external sources saying “nope, don’t do that, you can’t say that, or be that”.

It wasn’t until I said Fuck it to them all and powerfully reclaimed and took back the power I had given to them and started to once again listen to, and TRUST my own Inner Autonomous Authority™ that my whole life started to shift and change – for the BETTER.

6 Ways to know if
Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School is Perfect for you…

  • Last fall when I was just starting to awaken and was doubtful about my abilities and what was coming through, Joy lovingly held space for me to gain confidence in the extrasensory information I was getting.

    She also accelerated my awakening and answering of my soul’s purpose with her Inner Earth Enchantment that shook me to the core. For several minutes I was uncontrollably vibrating from head to toe as I was listening. The sound was out of this world, unlike anything I had ever heard.

    After discovering that I was meant to be a healer, we did a Stargate Portal Session together where she reminded me of my connection to a group of Arcturians and how they were there to compliment the work that the dragons on my spiritual entourage were already doing. Also we added a dragon to my throat chakra to speak about my soul purpose with greater ease.

    In her 5 Day Inner Earth and Galactic Consciousness Initiation event, I also added several members to my spiritual entourage including a Lemurian priestess from Inner Earth who infuses Inner Earth magick into my healings and a being from another universe who is meant to help me with my technology for my trillion dollar empire and also assist with aspects of my healings that fall in the UV spectrum.

    Fast forward to today and I’m consistently able to help people become 90-100% pain free in week or less. People have also reported additional health benefits, including boundless energy, deep uninterrupted sleep, the disappearance of side effects from life-long medication, the ability to enjoy food again (including candy!), and lasting, unprecedented levels of peace and gratitude. I’ve also helped someone’s dad in get out of the hospital in three days after he had been in there for a while and the doctors said he would not be discharged for a long time!

    Every interaction I’ve had with Joy so far has been fantastic and I’ve enjoyed every single one.

    If you’re been following her for some time, that means your heart has been pulling you towards her. I highly recommend following that call and working with her in whatever capacity you can!​

    Jesicca Kam

Don’t let another year go by before you become your own Inner Autonomous Authority™

Here’s why you need to get inside

Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School today…

If you’ve made it this far…

I know you are intrigued by this offer

Request a Soul Technology Chat with Joy today to gain more clarity on

WHY you are here right now

Enroll in Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School today!

I’m ready, Joy!!

New Modules are released Weekly

Private Client Portal

Directly Sent To You E-mails notifying you when a new module is available. New Modules will be released weekly

Private Platform & Group

The Mastermind will be hosted in a private Facebook Group LIMITED TIME BONUS ACCESS TO MASTERMIND: Access to Joy on 1 x monthly for psychic laser coaching calls and additional support

Video Conferencing Via Zoom

Video access to Joy via ZOOM for group mastermind calls 1 x a month. on Tuesdays Tentative time: 1pm PST/ 2pm MST/ 4pm EST

Tentative Module Topics At a Glance

A few tentative program and module topics. This school is about more than just connecting you back to your souls purpose…

This school works at healing and clearing area’s that hold you back from living your highest version of yourself, by reconnecting you to your souls essence and purpose.

Most of all connecting you to the MAGICK you have INSIDE you, so you can STOP searching for it outside of yourself.

Become the Reborn Creatrix with Healing and Clearing 

Psychic AF Supernova Activation

Impenetrable Energy Sorcessess

Multidimensional Magick Activation

Step into your Multidimensional Selves

The Abundant StarLight Wayshower

Lifetime Access to 36 Modules (Full School)

Limited Access Bonus Time to Private Mastermind 


  • The work Joy does is amazing! She channels the divine in all her healing, and teachings. She is a Angel messenger sent from the Heavens for sure! Whenever she works on me I can feel the powerful, potent energy as she works on healing and clearing my energies. She is passionate about what she does. When working with her you enter her energy VORTEX, she makes you feel held and heard. She goes into the deep depths of truths within you (all the stuff you are hiding from, and avoiding) and tells you straight that everything the Angels do and say isn’t always ‘nice’ to hear. It’s the truth of what you have been hiding from, avoiding and leaning away from. However I have learned in my work with Joy that that is where the greatest transformation comes from! So thank you Joy for everything you are! and everything you do!


    Equine-Guided Transformational Healer
  • Omg…

    You’ve opened up Pandora’s box here.
    Thanks for giving me permission and a kick up the backside into the this Star being work.

    It feels so weird going back to my ‘normal’ offer now… haha. You were spot on with all of it. And I cleared the belief part before I hopped on the live.

    **received a channeled letter from higherself and galactic starfamily rep.


    Spiritual Biz Coach
  • You are other worldly goddess. I had a big release from this – lots of tears released. As I pictured my grounding cords stretching to the earth I had an intense Vision of rainbow lights shooting from them


    From the Group
  • Geeze gir! I’ve never heard light language like that, it shook me deep! You sounded almost like some sort of technology! Amazzzzzing stuff!!


    From the Group
  • Amazing insights about inner earth people. I was only thinking about Day 1 video and inner earth people, I got to see a small inner earth being coming out. The next day morning, the same thing happend and thanked her and asked her to get in not to scare my kids, she instantly obeyed! Awesome to see similar experience with Jessica.


    From the Group
  • Whoa! I got chills before any sounds even came out of your mouth Joy Rachelle! I also never had chills for over 95% of any activation before!!! INSANE! Thanks for double share. Your mission is huge just like mine 🙂


    From the Group

Now imagine… having experiences like that for 9 months…

Who the Heck is Joy Rachelle?

JOY RACHELLE is a leading pioneer in the fields of channeling, multidimensional quantum entanglement and cosmic gateway facilitator.

Leading Transformational Healer, Teacher, Activator, Lemurian Priestess and channel for the Inner Earth people and Intergalactic Star beings.

Creator of Enchantments by Joy frequency encoded maintenance free technology to improve one’s health and wellness.

She is here to break old paradigms holding spiritual entrepreneurs in fear unable to create the global impact they desire.

Through her channeled work with the Inner Earth people and Intergalactic Star Beings to awaken others to the same connection for consciousness expansion and planetary healing.

She uses her vocal technologies to awaken spiritual entrepreneurs to their own signature genius that is for them to deliver to the planet for the highest good of the Universe.

This enables them to be unique, rare and cataclysmic experts to work with.

The ultimate solution she offers is mentoring and guiding her clients to become their own Inner Autonomous Authority and realizing their own self-actualization (soul purpose) so they can be their own empowered sovereign being with their own answers, magick, and abilities.
She channel is a Universal channel who channels AnnaBelle of Inner Earth, various Starbeings, AriKala in the Cosmos, higher consciousness information, and a new group of beings called GAIUS and many more to come.

She works in the realms of the mystic in the ancient lands and rememberings of her past lives in Lemuria (and Atlantis, Ancient Egypt), incorporating healing activations, ancient lemurian flower essences, and sound healing technology. She uses her potent connection to the Inner Earth people, Starbeings and Spirit in her healing work.

Fueled by her own healing transformation of overcoming feeling like she didn’t belong on this planet or in her body, feeling the innate feeling since a little girl that she was meant to do BIG things in this life.

As the calling became louder and louder she still felt like she was living a life of routine, and was putting on the fake face of saying she was happy in life. She has the nice house, the love of her life, working at home and still she felt out of place, like she was just going through the motions.

So she healed and overcame all the feelings of shame, trauma and self-loathing, which fuels her passion about helping women transform with her expertise and support her clients transform from the inside out. She wants every woman to know the sense of coming ‘home’ feeling she has felt herself, and knows is possible for you.

Why work with Joy Rachelle and how she is unlike every other coach/healer out there?

Here are just some of her SUPERPOWERS

How would it feel on this 9 Month Soul Transformative Journey to:


  •  I wanted to share that I consciously channelled with another being seeing them clairvoyantly for the first time !!
    I met Rahni who said she is my soul sister, soul bonded. She is
    tall, slim, purple with a tail and an oblong face. She showed me this place that I have known of as home consisting of rainforest and waterfalls. I think Lumerian by nature with connections in Sirius .
    A few days prior a friend showed me a video about inner earth which I’d never really heard of and then yesterday I listened to Ari and Joy’s podcast .
    Thank you Joy Rachelle your light language sparked my activation so thank you.


    Spiritual Student
  • Joy connected me to an inner Earth being who was the companion to another being I had been connected to about 2 weeks prior. Working together with them I was able to make a huge connection for how the mind, body & soul connects to my work with Superconscious Leaders, Dragons & living a FEARLESSLY AUTHENTIC life. Without the extra guidance from Joy I am sure it would have taken me so much longer to create that clarity. Being a Metaphysician & Enterprenuer means that I can use all the extra help from any realm I can get! If your curious on how to open the channels to your spiritual Entourage, Joy is definitely the guide to connect you there!!

    Caryn Terres

    Superconscious Coach Leader
  • WOW.
    Joy Rachelle, I’m so grateful to have found you and your work. You helped me so much with removing personal, spiritual, and financial blocks that were keeping me from achieving my full potential in life and in business. There have been so many powerful experiences that have come from working with you that I can’t list them all. But one of the most unforgettable moments was during the healing session where I could physically feel shifts in the area of my body and spirit that was most in need of healing even though we were working remotely (on Zoom). Not to mention the fact that you identified that area as one that was in need of healing without me saying anything to you about it. This was the turnaround I needed! THANK YOU, Joy!”


    Love Coach

This Mystery School is a creation from my soul and the Divine to set you forth on your soul purpose lead mission clear of all the baggage you brought with you, and inherited which may have held you back from sharing your gifts with the world.

This container is ALL about opening you up and activating the Magick you have within yourself and see how you can share it with your tribe and the world!

We did not come here to play small, we came here to be THE change makers and rebels bringing forth new levels of consciousness

Are you ready? I can’t wait to journey with you

Answers before you ask

What is the lenght of Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School?

There are two options:

If you have any questions BOOK your FREE 20 minutes Soul Technology Chat Request with Joy

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