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  • For empaths and highly sensitive individuals who have a global vision but feel bound by global limitations
  • Become your own Inner Autonomous Authority no longer bound by the advice and external validation of others
  • Unleash your innate Magick and become a unique, rare and cataclysmic expert to work with
  • Evergreen enrollment; official start Fall 2020
  • Uplevel and master your psychic resources
  • More through Self Sabotage, and limiting beliefs hold you back from using these gifts
  • Clairvoyance, Channeling, Telepathy, Precognition and Clairaudience
  • Deep dive into the powerful knowledge of the hidden Inner Earth people and beings whom are trying to help humanity set itself free so they too can reintegrate has an interplanetary species
  • You will unify with your own personally obtained Inner Earth counsellor of which you will begin a cataclysmic journey of initiation rites of passage mentorship and regenerative healing
  • Up level your psychic abilities
  • Co-create with Joy and your Inner Earth Counsellor high end aligned packages to up-level your work on a global scale
  • The above plus:
  • Develop a strong guidance system with inner earth and galactic beings so you can stop paying people to put bandaids on your businesses and finally receive the golden answers that unlock your highest potential in your business and human self
  • Clear lifetimes of chords connected to thousands of people so you can fully call back in your power and anchor your soul to the Earth to accomplish its duties in human form
  • Become the Imperial force of your Soul Mission and experience life on your own terms
  • Navigate the unknown with a GPS system profoundly advanced personal teacher and healer who has thousands of years of Earth life experience
  • Holy commune in your body so you can anchor in profound spiritual experiences whilst in physical form deepening your belief and trust in the universe
  • Fully embody the universe that you are and live in its creative Magick
  • Fill the empty void and stop suppressing yourself by being, doing and acting how others would like you to; instead deepen your spiritual connection with the Universe to intrinsically feel a deep sense of belonging, purpose and passion within you and your life.
  • Advance psychic gifts and abilities to bring into your work and day to day life without having to go and do heaps of courses
  • The above plus:
  • Channel through every step layered with quantum entanglement
  • High converting business structure, copy and strategy in alignment with one's highest order
  • Access the most potent guidance system to remain in sovereign creative power
  • Elements of the above plus:
  • For high net worth individuals who desire spiritual connection and wealth
  • Have a superhuman elite psychic and healer in your pocket
  • Become a master in welding psychic abilities to use in your personal and professional life
  • Available to individuals or corporations

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2. When booking please ensure the TIMEZONE is set to your correct TIMEZONE, it will show my timezone (Mountain Standard Time) in the drop down.

3. Below the time it will say in pink View in another time zone’ or ‘time selected–Joys time zone‘  select this to find your timezone “

Can’t wait to connect with you! With Infinite Love, Gratitude and Magick – Joy Rachelle {Ry-al} 

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