Spiritual Empowerment Coaching        

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is for you if:

  •  You are feeling stuck with your abilities
  •  Not sure what to do with your Gifts
  •  Are just starting to figure out your gifts
  •  Lack confidence and Inner Peace
  •  Have trouble manifesting
  • Guidance on what your Life Purpose is

These sessions are designed {so Spirit tells Joy Rachelle} to really empower you to embrace your life, your gifts and your life purpose.  Whether we spend time in your Akashic Records healing issues there, go over Law of Attraction practices, use clearing tools from Access Consciousness, or perform Sacred Activation(s), Joy will use all the tools in her 'toolbox' as guided by spirit to help raise your vibration & confidence.  To really empower you to trust yourself, and trust in the Universe and Spirit.  

Spend 6 weeks working with Joy Rachelle on your Spiritual Empowerment Journey.  These sessions will start out with a Angelic Reading where Joy Rachelle will connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels {whomever comes forward for the message{s}} addressing the issue you are concerned with.  After this we will follow the guidance as set out by your Spiritual team. 

Why 6 sessions? Spirit guided Joy to post this as a 6 session program, and no less. It is a commitment to yourself, and the change you would like to see in it.  Through out the 6 sessions, there will most likely be homework - you need to do the work :) if you truly would like to see a change. Sessions are typically spaced a week apart {see *** below}. 

Limited spots available, if you would like to purchase this program but it is sold out? Then send an e-mail to and we will place you on our waiting list.

***Each client is assigned a day of the week in which I work with them.  Most sessions are completed at a distance., with follow-up notes sent to the client via. e-mail in PDF form.

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