Superheros, Movies, TV Shows and how they relate to Spirituality

Superheros, Movies, TV Shows and how they relate to Spirituality

I never used to be into all these superhero Marvels/DC comic movies till I met my husband.

Now I am a huge fan, and am as excited or more excited when they come out! Who knows maybe one day I will even sit down and read the comics! For now, I’ll just watch the movies.

If you have seen these movies and have trouble visualizing they can help you out.

If you have trouble understanding some aspects of Spirituality then I hope my perspectives on these help you as well.

Doctor Strange– Energy Healing/Shamanic Healing Powers

– the power of the mind to heal to heal your body, mind, and spirit

– visualizing your auric body

Star Trek– when they say shields up –

– you can use this when you are visualizing your our shields up for Spiritual Protection


I imagine him as Archangel Michael, and Thors hammer as Archangel Michaels shield

Archangel Michael could also be Superman.

The Flash

like when you Reiki or do any past life/early life healing when you go back to heal something in the past [the past or present life] and heal it. You are The Flash – you are going back to that moment that changed everything and healing it if it was a traumatic experience you are not taking away the experience but healing any emotional etc pain you hold in that place. [Sacred Activations can help with this as well, read about them and the individual descriptions here]

Ghost Busters Movie

yes there are entities- good and bad. Lower/negative entities which can be troublesome. And when the Ghostbusters ‘catch’ the entity/ghost that is essentially what happens when a healer does a Space Clearing/ Entity Clearing/Spiritual Attachment Release.

Back to the Future

why in readings when you ask about specific events, and people the information is not always given by your guides etc. As they do now want to change the future. This is something you need to experience without prior knowledge. If you know too much about the future you might change something that will take you off course if you know it before hand.

Ross and Rachel on Friends

an example of not speaking their truths [throat chakra] and always going in a circle it seems with one another as they wouldn’t actually talk about their feelings and issues with one another to work it out. So it took what.. 6 years for them figure it out and get back together.

I imagine myself as Wonder Women -a great healer and spreader of LOVE + Peace. see my Women Women Blog here

That’s all I can think of for now,

Love + Light,

Joy Rachelle

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