After Joy completed my Healing Session I IMMEDIATELY felt “lighter” and more energetic the following morning. I live in New Jersey so the healing was done distantly as I slept. Everything Joy said resonated with me and some of the details she provided where EXACT, SPOT ON!! The chakras she worked on were EXACTLY where I was having digestive issues and extreme lower back pain. I feel less back pain since my healing and have not needed my back brace all day long and not needed pain meds as much. I feel very grateful to have found Joy online to help with my healing as well as connecting and trusting in my spirit team and angels. Thanks immensely Joy!!

— Jennifer from New Jersey, USA


These activations are amazing! I did one last night, and it was incredibly healing and powerful. I felt an actual physical release as Joy & my Angels worked on me. We hold out “stuff” in our bodies so this was AMAZING! Thank you!

— Jaya from Ontario [purchased ready for download sacred activations]

WOW! That was AMAZING! I could feel the energy inside me, and the moment that it puffed out I automatically felt a release and lighter!

— Meghan, Ontario Canada [Purchased one on one Sacred Activations session]


I had a reading done by Joy and she was spot on with my gut feeling. She validated my feeling of trusting my spirit guides and angels to guide me in the right direction. I feel more at peace knowing that spirit will help me make the right choices in my journey. Thank you!”

— Jodi R from USA [distance Angelic Reading]

Thank you Joy!
I loved your reading and found it very helpful.
You are specific and detailed”

— – Audra W from USA [distance Angelic reading]

Thank you so much Joy! My reading was spot on and was way more detailed then what I expected! I couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to book my next reading 🙂

— – Renee D from NJ, USA [distance Angelic reading]


I read the email & messages from the healing circle . It’s actually exactly what is going on with me in my life & what I needed to read.
Thank you very much !! Thanks again & I’ll have to check out your schedule for your next week events

— Pamela USA [Full Moon Group Healing Session]


Thank you performing a distance reiki sessions on my dog “Tika”. We had been waiting for her to go into heat to breed her,- we almost lost hope that she would go into heat again- thankful I found you, and booked her a few 30 minute sessions a few days apart. After the last session she went into heat- WAHOO! Thanks from both of us

— Carlee & Tika – Vancouver, BC Canada *[updated note- Tika did go into heat & had 6 wonderful healthy puppies!]

Thank you so much Joy! You did an amazing job with my back pain! Will book again! [hopefully not soon :)]

— Tracy M- Montana USA


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