Leading Transformational Healer and Activator + Lemurian Priestess, Joy Rachelle presents:

The Goddess Initiation

Unleash your sacred power and purpose to end self-doubt forever and rapidly ascend into sacred realms of personal, financial and spiritual abundance.


Your gut sinks as you realize…you’re homesick. WTF?

In between your own beautiful four walls…inside of your white picket fence…in the perfect neighbourhood.

The only thing worse than feeling like you don’t belong is not knowing WHY you feel that way.

Hilarious as it may seem, it was my ‘aha’ about why I was drawn to, of all things, dolphins, that began my own journey back to my spiritual home/where I belonged

The ancient lands of Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu, Avalon, Ancient Egypt, and Greece started to draw me to any book, course, or teacher I could find on them…and my friends and family thought I was going crazy. 

Sound familiar?

Daily you’re faced with friends and family who think your intuitive nudges are total BS and that the spiritual realms are adult make-believe…The Goddess Initiation is here to confirm that…you aren’t, in fact, out of your mind.  😉 

You ARE a powerful woman with a magical history that is yet to be explored and tapped into for the power it has to rapidly ascend your relationships, career, and financial abundance. 

This is for you if…. 

Your bed is warmed by the love of your life every night and your career is trucking along…yet it’s not enough. 


Ridden with guilt over wanting more out of life, you hide. Stay quiet. Keep your spiritual life a precious secret, lest your religious family and secular colleagues find out about your ‘woo-woo.’

I see you, gorgeous. The restlessness in your body and spirit — it’s fucking exhausting. Instead of holding the reins of your life, you’re being dragged behind a feral/wild horse…with no idea where you’ll end up.

Normally, you’d ring your super analytical BFF to play detective and find the solution with you…but this is beyond what a secular girlfriend chat can accomplish. 

How would it feel on this 90 day soul transformative journey to: 


» Shift from the feeling of homesickness you just can’t seem to shake, to feeling like you are not alone and belong here, on planet earth in your skin. 

» Feel confident and free to be yourself, and let your rediscovered magic out.

» Claim your true soul path, instead of denying your soul calling which is keeping you locked in overwhelm, misery and self-doubt 

» Transform from feeling lost, alone and unhappy like you don’t even know who you are in your own skin, into feeling whole, grounded, fulfilled and at peace with yourself, and in love with YOU. 

» You feel a deeper connection with yourself and your purpose. You understand the feelings of homesickness you’ve felt your whole life, and feel like you have found yourself and are in the right place and at home. 

» Feel aligned with the innate feeling that you’ve felt that you meant to do something more (so much more) in this lifetime, but you just weren’t sure what or how to get there.

» Call in your past lives and who you have been in all of your lifetimes and use that to bring in a new way of living and expressing, perhaps it’s a new healing modality (one that you’ve done many times before by the way). Feel free and open to let your MAGIC out.



» Every woman who has felt any of the above! Whether you are a healer yourself, a businesswoman, working a corporate job this is for you and wanting more out of life 

» You`ve gone deep with your own healing and yet you still feel there is a piece of you missing, which you cannot shake, and you don`t understand why

» If you’ve awakened to your spiritual journey, you’ve been to the yoga retreats, you’ve had sessions with a reiki healer, you’ve bought the crystals, but you feel like it’s been a slow process and you’re ready for a shift, now! You’ve even learnt a modality, you see yourself as a healer, you’ve gone deep with your own healing

» Your a spiritual biz owner, who just can’t get traction in getting clients


Not every coach and healer will: 

» Have a no bullshit detector helping you get to the core root of the issue allowing you to heal, transcend and transform for good. 

» Is a Lemurian high priestess and mystical healer who has a potent divine channel with Spirit, and uses her remembered past life potent magical healing energy and abilities to co-create with you profound healing and transformation. Helping you manifest the life you’ve been dreaming of.

» Has felt the inexplicable feeling of homesickness for as long as she can remember. Feeling as if she didn’t belong on this earth, in her body, in her family or anywhere. Having felt this way and never admitted it to anyone, thinking there must be something wrong with her to feel this way. 

» Has been on the healing journey, and has healed herself of childhood shame and trauma and understands the journey as she has been there at the lowest points screaming and crying at the Universe begging for help, just wanting to end it all…. 

» See’s you beneath all the protective walls you’ve placed up and provides you with the support, love, healing, and guidance you need to have the healing breakthroughs and transform you from a lost wandering caterpillar into a beautiful majestic butterfly spreading her wings and going after her passions in life

Hear from my Divine Clients

After Joy completed my Healing Session I IMMEDIATELY felt “lighter” and more energetic the following morning. I live in New Jersey so the healing was done distantly as I slept. Everything Joy said resonated with me and some of the details she provided where EXACT, SPOT ON!! The chakras she worked on were EXACTLY where I was having digestive issues and extreme lower back pain. I feel less back pain since my healing and have not needed my back brace all day long and not needed pain meds as much. I feel very grateful to have found Joy online to help with my healing as well as connecting and trusting in my spirit team and angels. Thanks immensely Joy!!



Amanda Linette Meder

Blogger, Amandalinettemeder.com


Joy Rachelle is a Transformational Healer, Activation Alchemist, and Lemurian Priestess who empowers women to rewrite their limiting stories, alchemizing their trauma into their power and sovereignty with her natural intuitive insights and gifts, angelic channelling, and potent magickal healing. Her work is extremely potent and life-changing.

She works in the realms of the mystic in the ancient lands and rememberings of her past lives in Lemuria (and Atlantis, Ancient Egypt), incorporating healing activations, ancient lemurian flower essences, and sound healing.

She also uses her potent shamanic energy healing, and connection with Spirit in her healing work. Her motto is Spirit is in charge and she is merely the chosen conduit to perform the healings and pass on divine messages.

 Fueled by her own healing transformation of overcoming feeling like she didn’t belong on this planet or in her body, feeling the innate feeling since a little girl that she was meant to do BIG things in this life. As the calling became louder and louder she still felt like she was living a life of routine, and was putting on the fake face of saying she was happy in life. She has the nice house, the love of her life, working at home and still she felt out of place, like she was just going through the motions. So she healed and overcame all the feelings of shame, trauma and self-loathing, which fuels her passion about helping women transform with her expertise and support her clients transform from the inside out. She wants every woman to know the sense of coming ‘home’ feeling she has felt herself, and knows is possible for you.

What does this have to do with Lemuria? Joy has learned that the fall of Lemuria (or Atlantis but for ease of use we will refer to Lemuria) has encoded our DNA and cellular memory with trauma and can be rooted back to why you are now struggling with your third-dimensional life right now.  She knows that in order to reclaim our past magickal selves, and ascend we need to become a clear channel by healing and clearing what keeps you stuck in this lifetime.

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