Transcendence Healing


Shamanic Healing Lead by Spirit

A Transcendence Healing Session is a shamanic type healing session.

The session is intuitive and guided by your Spirit team and Joy’s Spirit team.

Joy simply holds the intention you have for the healing, and goes on the healing journey for you. 

The healing that takes place is for your highest and greatest good, as it is directed by your Higher Self/Spirit Guides.

Since each session is channeled directly for your individual needs, each is unique.  She will release any blocks, patterns, or energies that no longer serve you for your highest and greatest good.

Distance Shamanic Healing Sessions can be very powerful and can transform your healing so you can experience transcendence.  

After the session,  Joy will email via PDF copy and/or MP3 Recording you any feedback received during the journey. Usually, the feedback includes messages, insight or recommendations channeled from your guides.

Available as 1 Session here or read below for available packages available in the Transcendence Healing Program under Shamanic Healing 

*sessions are completed and e-mailed out within 14 business days of purchase*

*please note it may take 1 session, or multiple sessions to perform the amount of healing required.   Joy is merely a conduit of the healing. Read Refund Policy, Policies and Disclaimers outlined prior to purchase.*

Transcendence Healing Program: a Journey of Healing and Transformation

3 Different Levels of Transformational Healing to choose from on your journey of healing.  Choose from a commitment of 4 sessions, 6 sessions, or the most intense level of healing Level 3 of 7 sessions including a Soul Retrieval Session.  Sessions are guided by your Spirit team.  Joy will follow the guidance set forth by Spirit, whether its a specific healing designed specifically for you by your team, or a modality they know Joy has learned and is in her healing toolbox.

Level 1

A total of 4 sessions

Level 2

Amp up your self healing & transformation with Level 2

A total of 6 sessions

Level 3

The most intense Level of  Healing is offered in Level 3

Includes (1) Soul retrieval session or 2 additional sessions

A total of 7 sessions

what is a Soul Retrieval? 

What is a Soul Retrieval Session? 

Limited spots available for each Level of Intensive Healing

* These healing sessions are one-on-one specific to each client

**Each client will be assigned a day of the week in which I work with them.  Most sessions are completed at a distance., with follow-up notes sent to the client via. e-mail in PDF form.

*** Joy will be guided by your team, for what you require for your healing. Sessions are set to be a week in-between each session, however they are guided by Spirit. If Spirit guides Joy to complete healing every 2 weeks, etc {example} then she will follow these guidelines, so you the client obtain the optimal healing possible. 

***you may experience what is called an “Energy Purge” after your healings, this is when you feel worse before you feel better. This is what energetic and spiritual healing typically results in.  This MEANS a HEALING has taken place. Even if you don’t experience an Energy Purge- it doesn’t mean the healing didn’t occur.  Every individual is different in how they react to healing. 

***If a  Soul Retrieval is not recommended to be completed for Level 3 Healing, {however I feel you will guided to purchase if your team thinks you would benefit from one.  In the event your team does NOT require we do a Soul Retrieval, instead of 7 weeks of working with me, you will work with me for an additional 2 for a total of 9 sessions.}

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