How Wonder Woman can be Your Beacon for Spreading Love in the World and Standing In Your Power

Recently I went and watched the Wonder Women movie.  It is a great movie, very empowering to women, but it also has a great message to it besides the whole women empowerment thing — it shows that love conquers all, and with the power of love you can be more powerful than the darkness in the world.

Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it!

Wonder Women aka Diana is a born warrior.  When she is made aware of the war, she does not question in going in to help- even if it means never being able to come back to her home or family at all.  She wants to end the war, she is driven to help.

She shows that she is fearless- she is willing to die to save others. She truly stands in her power. She is a fearless warrior.

When she is in the battle with Ares the God of War, she discovers she is, in fact, a GOD herself!

She uses her memories of love to guide her and give her the strength to overpower and defeat him.

When she first went on her quest to find and defeat the God of War she did not know she was the weapon- a God herself. She knew that the world needed her- even if none of the other “wonder women” she grew up with would come with her.  She was willing to die trying, she believes she could do it, and she did.

To me, every Lightworker is a Wonder Woman. We spread messages of LOVE and PEACE throughout the world. We have seen the darkness of this world – yet we still choose to believe in LOVE! We still chose to spread that LOVE we see throughout the world. And with this LOVE we can make a difference in this world! You only have to believe in yourself 🙂 and the power of love. In that, your actions as ONE person can change the lives of thousands!

She is also how many mediums/healers/lightworkers feel – that they need to live in the shadows, that if the world knew what they were they wouldn’t be accepted.  Yet they still do their work in secret and under cover for they know their work is what the world needs, and that they are changing the world for the better.

So go and be your own Wonder Women, and please go see the movie, or watch it when it comes out on DVD.  It’s a great movie – very inspiring the whole movie was based on empowering women from the producer to the story!.  Thank you, DC Comics.   And sorry for blowing the end for you – but in my defense its still a movie worth seeing, and come on in what super movie does the superhero lose in?

Love + Light,

Joy Rachelle

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