The World Needs You Message from Archangel Metatron

Channeled tby Joy Rachelle

*this message came to me while writing my fear blog, at the time I kept hearing I needed to voice record the message and share it. So I did that with my tribe on a few groups I am in on Facebook. I felt really pulled to share on Instagram only, to share videos on Instagram at the time they needed to be 1 minute or less long. It was 2 minutes and like 30 seconds? So needless to say at the time I was like, Okay Archangel Metraton I tried. It didn’t work.

Well, maybe he knew that my blog post with the message would be erased and so I would need the recording for backup? Because I did. And here it is.


The world needs you it requires your presence and your knowledge

you have so much to share and offer this world you need to stop hiding

you need to trust in us spirit fully we love you very much and you are a great gift to this world

if only you knew the-the true essence of your gifts and the wonderful, amazing earth-shattering messages

and healing you will deliver to this world.

If only you could see yourself through our eyes,

the eyes of spirit and the universe see how many beings

, angels, spirit guides, animal guides etc. are right by your side

cheering you on who are constantly by your side and have seen you

through to this moment and future moments

we have stood beside you and guided you through all the times of adversity

through all your struggles through all the times you felt like giving up we were there

and we held your hand and guided you too a better place we got you here

your journey is just beginning please give all your fears

and worries to us angels, your team, archangel Michael

we will continue to protect and guide you

you need only to have faith in us and in your abilities please surrender

to spirit fully and stop fighting what you logical minded brain

the ego says it is your ego the part of yourself that doubts us

that doubts you release yourself of your ego

and you will fly you are beauty, love, peace, compassion, kind, wise,

please see yourself as this and believe in yourself and in us spirit

thank you Archangel Metatron

Channeled by Joy Rachelle

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